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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Amber Chronicles Character Selector" by Third Blue.

Choose from this list:

Corwin - A rebel with a cause, you're a gentleman at heart.

Random - You may seem carless and irresponisble, but ina tough spot, you're a level headed leader. (Much to your chagrin.)

Fiona - Unlike your peers, you dream of better things. You'll use any means to achieve your ends. But you are not without honor.

Flora - You're a real party girl. You just want to have a good time, (and often do.)

Eric - Your decisions may not be very popular, but it's all for the best . . . Right?

Gerard - There is nothing more valuable than a human life. You are a real paople person.

Benedict - A gentleman, a soldier, and a thinker . . You're a man of many talents.

Julian - You're not a very social person. Cool, calm and collected, you have little need of others.

Bleys - You're a real fireball. Strong, clever and charming, you're a force to be reckoned with.

Brand - You're quite the wild one. You range all over and are impossible to pin down. You are a law unto yourself -- Who needs rules anyway?

Llewella - You're like the sea: Calm, unfathomable, and deep.

Deirdre - You often find yourself at the centre of conflict. Inscrutable at first, but really a kind and brave person when you get down to it.

Caine - You may not be Mr (or Miss) Popular, but since you're three steps ahead of everyone else, that doesn't really matter, now does it?

Merlin - Though you're a clever and basically nice person, you sometimes feel like you don't belong anywhere. You're searching for something .. if only you knew what it was.

Luke - You're handsome, witty and charismatic, lthough you have a tendency to hold grudges. But man, you make a mean sales pitch.

Vialle - Man, do I want a friend like you. Patient, gentle and kind, you are of a rare breed. You see people for what they are, no more, no less.

Jasra - Hoo, man, do I not wanna get in your way. Sharp, cunning and powerful, you know exactly what you want -- and will do anything to get it.,

Dara - You are a very ambiguous individual. Some adore you, while others fear you. With your charm and wit, you're a powerful one indeed.

Bill Roth - You have the mind of a lawyer: Sharp, alert, and quick. But you've got a big heart, too.

The T'gya - You may seem duplicitous and sneaky, but you're really a good person. You're very protective of your firends, and loyal as well. And you looove secrets.

Jurt - Hup boy. You're a rebel without a cause -- short tempered, fiery, and unwilling to forget an insult. I feel sorry for your enemies . . .

Oberon - Why you old trickster! Good looking and imperious, you do everything with a flash and a flourish -- and you love being a mystery.

Mandor - Cool as a cucumber, that's you. Calm, laid-back, mellow, and by no means a fool, you';ve got everything all figured out.


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