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graphHarry PotterHarry Potter Poll: Your Harry potter world quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Your Harry potter world quiz" by Daisygirl.

Choose from this list:

You definitely have similarities with Hermione but you would definitely be in ravenclaw. You would never try quid ditch and don't break rules and no, you are not a weasley twin

You are dark, very dark, slytherin is your house and you do not whatsoever think dumbledore is the greatest wizard. You are pureblood

Are you hermione?

You definitely want to be famous like Harry but you might not be in gryffindor.

Are you a weasley twin! You break the rules all the time and your proud of it.

You kind of remind me of Ron but I think you would definitely be in hufflepuff.

You are a unique individual and are going to be in hufflepuff.

Witty, witty, witty, you are in raven claw. You give Hermione a run for he money.

Quid ditch is your field and you are kind of average in school. A very true Gryffindor and I think you'll be a keeper.


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