Comics Poll: The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector . Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Comics Poll: The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector . Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
ComicsComics Poll: The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector .
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "The B.E.S.T (and only) TEEN TITANS selector ." by Eric Sachs de Lioncourt.

Choose from this list:

Garth/ Aqualad YOu are a jovial person always ready to give a hand to your friends.

DIck Grayson Robin/NIghtwing, You are a leader, and an obbbessive person always trying to satisfy someone you love and trying to get his attention to see if he really cares.

Wonder girl (Donna Troy).Youre a cool person that wants to have a normal life but you know that it cant be, anyway you never surrender your dream.

Wally West Kid Flash You are the perfect hero profeesional and have trained hard to be so, by the way sometimes you act a bit inmature.

Speedy(ROy) You are a person that likes justice over all things.

Glden Eagle you just want to be an ocassional hero, but life sometimes is a bit hard on you.

Princess Koyndr of Tamaran Starfire You are an innocent person but you also are impulsive and agresive if you feel youre being menaced.

Raven You are a misterious and tortured person that always have somthing more in mind that you let others know.

Victor Stone CYborg , You are a person filled of anger you think that even if you try your best in the end nothing will change.

Beast Boy/Changeling, You are an optimistic and a joker, but you also are a person of great loyalty and a sensitive person too.

Lilith , you are a childish person and you dont have a clear goal in your life.

Huntress (pre-crisis) You are an old fashioned person, in a very camp way.

(Joe WIlson) Jericho, You are a sensible artist and a lover of nature and quiet places, but you also have an obscure desire for power inside of you.

Terra(Tara Markov) You are an influenciable persons that work hard to deffend your family and that doesnt care to break some eggs if a benefit is going to come out of it for yourself

(Slace Wilson)Terminator the deathstroke, You are a difficult to deal with person, your motivations are always under suspect and even you are not sure when your doing the best for all or the best for yourself.

Phantasma , you are a very intelligent person and also a shy one, that would briung to life a masquerade just to stay out of the main focus.

Wildebeast , You are a freak definetly!!!

Pantha You are an excitable s" of a "2dSD and should be put to jail as soon as possible.

Leonid Kovar RedStar You are person that its tied to some obligations even if you would like to break free over all things in the world.


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