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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "HUNTERXHUNTER Test" by icegirl.

Choose from this list:

Jin:you are a cool person but you tend to throw less important things out for more important ones.
Gon:you are a good, honest kid.
Killua:you are a super cool cat but you still have a heart.(by the way, you should be a little less obsessed with candy)
Kurapika:maybe you need to focus a little less on revenge.
Hisoka:your a cool person but a bit on the unique/creepy side.
Machi:you are a good person and say what's on your mind clearly..
Kuroro:you are a good leader-type person although people may sometimes consider your plans evil.
Senritsu:you are a hard-working person for the good of the world.
Finx/Feitan:super speed!
Leolio:your a loyal and good friend even after the end although you tend to be a little bit crazy about money.
Killua's family:maybe you should become a little warmer...
Shizuku:you must really like vacuums...
Biske:you are a real strong although you don't show it often. and you should act your age...
Hanzou:you are a bright and cheerful person:)
Tonpa:you are a good person in the heart with a sense of humor but maybe you should look at people more evenly.
Furankulin:you are a good person with respect for others (even the dead)
Oovogin:you may be the tough guy but u still have a brain.
Shalnark:a complete computer maniac who knows everything.


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