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graphCareerCareer Poll: Frank Little's-- Medical Profession Hell Career Avoidance Index Approximator
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Frank Little's-- Medical Profession Hell Career Avoidance Index Approximator" by Frank Little of Cincinnati.

Choose from this list:

If you can handle purulent green, foul smelling mucus you can be a RESPIRATORY CARE PRACTIONER.. You can join the better breathing bureau

You can handle being a HOME HEALTH NURSE or BOARD OF HEALTH INSPECTOR or pest control agent

You have the diligence to become a PHYSICIAN or lucky to make the grade of wanna-be doctor, a PHARMACIST

PHYSICAL THERAPY is your path. You're not too demanding, inconsiderate or goal driven. You are not lacking compassion You will not discourage those you help

You are suited to be a HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR. Bow before pharaoh

NURSE ANESTHESIA is the titration of drugs and boredom, You're not an Irish Setter in a pottery shop. In fact you're boring.

Psyche Ward You want a clean, antiseptic job, mostly talking to people who have unique world views? It is as much for you as for them. Trust me. Kind recognizes kind. Its axiomatic.

You can resist picking up the inflections and irregularities of those around you. You can become a SPEECH THERAPIST

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Your inappropriate need for basic continuity, control and authority, along with a profound ability to assume contortionist flexibility makes you eligible for becoming a PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT in a multi doc office.

You don't need to go back and play with dolls-you are REGISTERED NURSE material

If you aren't are worried about cancer you have might qualify for XRAY TECHNOLOGY.. These people have a definite increased chance for leukemia. Be advised, X ray vision has its price and you aren't superman. .

LAB TECHNICIAN. You watch too much CSI and Dexter.

GROUNDSKEEPER Rev up the John Deere. You're suited for surgery on shrubbery

WARD CLERK- you push the paper let the others write on it or wipe with it. ugh.


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