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graphTelevisionTelevision Poll: Gomer Pyle TV Show Character Quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Gomer Pyle TV Show Character Quiz" by OpieTaylorFan.

Choose from this list:

Gomer Pyle - the goofy good-hearted country boy marine

Sgt. Vince Carter - the strict loud funny marine leader

Corp. Chuck Boyle - Carters right hand man

Duke Slater - wise guy marine friend of Gomer

Frankie Lombardi - hyper marine friend of Gomer

Bunny - Carters tough and funny girlfriend

Lou Ann - Gomers sweet girl friend

Carol Baines - funny corporal played by Carol Burnett

Captin Martin - strict lady captin called Iron Pants

Sgt. Hacker - wise guy mess sergeant

Eddie - easy going marine friend of Gomers

Friendly Freddy - the local shady traveling salesman

This is not an answer, I have taken some liberties with the scoring to give each character a chance


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