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graphRecreationRecreation Poll: What should you do in your free time?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What should you do in your free time?" by eljatet.

Choose from this list:

learn japanese

learn how to fly a hot air balloon

learn how to play an instrument

learn the dictionary page by page

stare into space

have a cheese fondue party


decide what you should name your toaster while sitting on the toilet

write a story

go running

take a nap in your dryer

press flowers

invent a fantasy land

discover a new element

sing to your houseplants

plan a backpacking trip

spray whipped cream into your dogs mouth holding the can at daring heights from the mouth

do your homework

go on the computer

memorize a dr. seuss book

make recycled paper

go shopping

play frisbee

make a selector

go buy a bathrobe


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