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Anime Poll: Fushigi Yuugi Character Selector Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
AnimeAnime Poll: Fushigi Yuugi Character Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Fushigi Yuugi Character Selector" by MiakaHater.

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Miaka Yuuki: You are emotional and at times a major flake. But you still feel that love is somethig great that can conquer all obstacles. Still, you need to learn to look before you leap or you'll end up needing to have someone come in and save you.

Yui Hongo: A geat brain with emtions that rage. You're smart when it comes to books but you don't know how to tell people how you feel until it comes out wrong. You're another one who follows their heart but you sometimes don't know which way it's telling you to go.

Tamahome: Does someone else's happiness seem to be your goal? whether it be your family of your significant other you seem to find yourself rushing to someone's aid a lot. But when you find love YOU FIND LOVE. You're never the unfaithful type and you'd do anything for someone you cared for.

Hotohori: You have a tendancy to want what you can't have but at least you have your self-confidence to help you through. You lead with compassion about everyone who follows you and refuse to give up the good fight. You're emotional, sensitive while also being a formidable opponent.

Nuriko: You sure can fool people. That snippy exteriour of yours really makes people think you're a different person then you are. But when they break through they find that you're really just a complex person who just loves a good time, good freindship...and good clothes.

Chichiri: Your past hurt didn't it. If not, maybe you just regret something you did or didn't do. Still, you're trying to make up for something by being the one who takes the fall of the one who gets hit. You also don't want the people close to you to know why you act the way you do, so you put on that smiling face and walk on.

Tasuki: You're sad...everyone knows. You're happy...everyone knows. You wear your heart on your sleeve so no one dares ask "How are you today?" But word have a tendancy to come out without going through that lovely thought process.

Mitsuake: You don't want to be in the spotlight but you know when it's time ti sit and when it's time to stand. People look up to you for help when their lives go wrong but you lack someone to turn to when you need that helping hand.

Chiriko: Your smart. Bottem line. You don't have the man-power but you do know what to tell the strong ones to do when there's a pinch. But how much do you share with the people who ask you what the answer to #3 is?

Amiboshi: Surrounded by a world that's cold you feel like you can be the one to save people by isolating yourself. But when you do have the chance to right a wrong your proud to be the person to do so.

Suboshi: Anyone who dares try to take you away from those you love will pay dearly. You are very protective of what's yours and won't let anyone near it because you know what it's like to lose. Still, you can be too quick to act after not spending enough tme thinking.

Nakago: You've been hurt before. It show in the way you act. You know how to use people and you want the world to pay for the crimes against you. You see emotions as stupid and unneeded but you'll make some up if it will work to your advantage.

Soi: You spend your time trying to get through to epole who have built walla around themselves while staying totally faithful to those who give you nothing. You'll g out and risk everything for whoever you love even the feeling is not returned. Still, you know how to act alone and even deal with people you don't like if it's needed.

Tomo: You are a mystery. Due do a lack of love you seem to need mind games to get your points across. If you want something you won't let anything get in your way even if obtaining it is impossible. You don't care who you step on on the rise to the top.

Miboshi: You'll use any means necessary to become more powerful, whether it be have more money or get the attenion of more boys. Sometimes you even go as for as to take what's not yours. one knows anything about you because you're nothing but things you stole from other people.

Ashitare: Human suck don't they. It's why you spend your time alone. If you have to be a group you follow what the leader says, you just plain don't care. But you're a mean one when someone reaches for your food dish while you're trying to eat.


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