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graphFood & BeveragesFood & Beverages Poll: What Type of Pickle Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Type of Pickle Are You?" by FlameFlower.

Choose from this list:

Full Sour Dill PickleTasting of garlic and dill, you are traditionally paired with red meats and cheese.
Bread & Butter PickleYou are cut into a crinkly medallion shape and made with pimentos and onions. You are rather yummy to those with a sweet tooth.
Sammich SnackerYou are flat and long and enjoy being in tight spaces (i.e. next to a hamburger or hot dog.)
Sweet GherkinAh! You are a popular snackfood... mouth-sized and occasionally wrapped in something else to form an little something to fill that tiny empty spot in a tummy.
Glowing PickleYou are a pickle. You glow. You are the glowing pickle. People stare in awe as your ionic composition reacts with the electrical current being sent through two little electrodes at your opposite ends.


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