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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Devil Fruit Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Devil Fruit Selector" by qckslvr.

Choose from this list:

Gum Gum Fruit
Chop Chop Fruit
Slip Slip Fruit
Boom Boom Fruit
Kilo Kilo Fruit
Munch Munch Fruit
Clone Clone Fruit
Dice Dice Fruit
Spike Spike Fruit
Spring Spring Fruit
Slow Slow Fruit
Bubble Bubble Fruit
Sickle Sickle Fruit
Voice Voice Fruit
Tweet Tweet Fruit
Dog Dog Fruit
Cat Cat Fruit
Smoke Smoke Fruit
Flare Flare Fruit
Sand Sand Fruit
Shock Shock Fruit
Rock Rock Fruit
Ox Ox Fruit
Ice Ice Fruit
Liquid Liquid Fruit


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