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graphMoviesMovies Poll: Which Legend character are you most like!!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Legend character are you most like!!" by Ruth .

Choose from this list:

Jack the jungle boy!!

Princess Lilly the spoit brat!

The Lord Of Darkness Tim need i say more!!! Hes a big, red, musclar, schizoprenic devil who has that wonderful accent!

Honeythorn Gump, hes on helium!!

Blix, has a problem with rhymes, HE CANT STOP SAYING THEM!!

Oona the flirty little fairy, who has very big hair!!

The Dancing Black Dress, very gothic very black very cool!!

Blunder, hes a bit confused!!

Screwball, bit of a alcoholic!! Also thinks hes already dead.

Meg the green bogy monster from the swamp who likes to eat people, oh indeed she does!!

one of the unicorns, they sound like dolphins but they are very pretty and very magical.


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