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graphPoliticsPolitics Poll: In which of the nine political regions do you fit?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "In which of the nine political regions do you fit?" by thisguy.

Choose from this list:

Left - Socially left, economically left. Includes social democrats, democratic socialists, anarcho-socialists, and some Social Liberals.

Liberal - Socially left, economically center. Includes some Social Liberals and most Classical Liberals.

Libertarian - Socially left, economically right. Includes a few Classical Liberals, minarchists, and anarcho-capitalists.

Centralist - Socially center, economically left. Includes various socialists and Blue Dog Democrats, mainly those who favor greater government intervention in the economy, but don't care much about social issues.

Moderate - Socially center, economically center. Includes... moderates.

Conservative - Socially center, economically right. Includes Goldwater Republicans.

Statist - Socially right, economically left. Includes Communists and theocratic socialists.

Nationalist - Socially right, economically center. Includes various nationalists, Fascists, and neocons.

Right - Socially right, economically right. Includes most of whom are currently considered "conservative".


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