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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What color Yoshi are you? Fruit Quiz!" by Joseph Avila.

Choose from this list:

Green Yoshi!! You like watermelons and considered to be a leader. You hate spicy and/or tough fruits.

Pink Yoshi!! You like a variety of sweet fruits including apples, coconuts, and bananas. You love to run, but you are not considered the leader type.

Lightblue Yoshi!! A lover of grapes you are descent.

Yellow Yoshi!! You loooooooove food but you prefer bananas as a fruit. You are lazy and you love to sleep, but you are considered a hero in some aspects.

Orange Yoshi!! Alls that can be said of you is you love citrus fruit like papaya and pineapples.

Purple Yoshi!! You are consideredto be a dare devil food taster, willing to try the toughest, or spiciest fruit.

Red Yoshi!! The understudy (in a good way), you like apples, but dislike spicy fruit.

Blue Yoshi!! A lover of grapes, a hater of peppers, you take on a challenge head on. You will not back out of a fight.

Brown Yoshi!! Not much is known about you. You don't make too many appearances and are considere neutral when it comes to fruit.

Black Yoshi!! You like all fruit, even peppers, with a powerful hit. You are destructive (in a good way) and have a deep pitched voice.

White Yoshi!! You are very bright and cheery. You're happy-go-lucky with an apetite to match, considering you like all fruit. You also have a high voice to boot.


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