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Events of the Revolution
A Flowchart by Fowler. See Fowler's 4me blog page.
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This map will lay out some of the important events of the American Revolution.

1764- The Sugar Act. This Act placed a tax on important goods like sugar, coffee and wine.
1765- The Quartering Act- an act that saved the British money by making the colonists feed and house British soldiers.
1767- Townsend Acts- stopped the colonies from holding town meetings until they agreed to house the British troops.
1768- Boston Massacre-
1774- the Continental Congress-

April 18, 1775- Midnight Ride by Paul Revere
April 19, 1775- Battles of Lexington and Concord-
May 10, 1775- The Second Continental Congress
June 1775- The Battle of Bunker Hill
July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence is Adopted

1776- Battle of Trenton
October 17, 1777- Battle of Saratoga
February 6, 1778- Alliance with France
October 20, 1781- Battle of Yorktown
September 3, 1783- Treaty of Paris