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2020 Presidential Candidate Selector
See which potential 2020 candidate best matches your views.
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Big Decisions Selectors
Some decisions are a matter of money. Some decisions matter more than money.
Which College Is Right For You?
We've listed over 900 of the best post-secondary schools in America. Find the one best suited for you.

College Major Selector
Which major is most appropriate for your SAT scores, interests and goals?

Camera Calculator Select the right camera for your needs at a discounted price. Newly updated with more camera bargains. Which US City Should You Live In?
Over 300 metro areas in which more than 80% of America lives are included in this selector.
Spiritual Belief System Selector
This religion selector answers "What's my spiritual path?"
Help Wanted... ...across America.
Career Selector
The best jobs for your aptitude, talents and education.
Career Selector For People With Just A High School Diploma
The best paying jobs for people who didn't go to college.

Popular Favorites Diet Plan Selector
Your 24 best weight loss diet options Dog Breed Selector
Includes the latest designer cross-breeds.

What is SelectSmart?
Short video explains SelectSmart.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "Your intelligence, personality-type, tastes, foibles and philosophical inclinations -- all will be revealed! -- along with the even more significant insights, such as which breed of dog, snack food and Simpsons character you most closely resemble: If the Delphic Oracle had a Web site it would be, for therein are tests, or 'selectors' aplenty to afford even the most alienated among us an opportunity to 'know thyself.'"
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From Our Vault Which Noted Philosopher Do You Resemble?
The questions reflect the dilemmas that have captured the attention of history's most significant ethical philosophers.

coinWhich Historical Figure Were You In A Past Life?
Who in the pantheon of influential and notorious people from world history shares your traits, habits and foibles?

What Type Of Electronic Device Do You Want?
  A big screen TV.
  A desktop computer.
  A tablet computer.
  A smartphone.
  A laptop or chromebook.

Updated Buyers' Guide:
Which running shoe is best for me?
For this running shoe selector we have selected and compared over 250 excellent shoes which have appeared on multiple "top rated" lists.

Editor Recommends:
Choose your cheese, please!
Select from more fifty cheeses that are commonly found in American grocery stores and gourmet shops.
Wine Matcher
What was the name of that wine? Which wine is right for me? Which is the best wine?
What Type Of Beer Should I Drink?
Beer is the world's favorite alcoholic beverages.
It's now easier than ever to create a selector.
SelectSmart.comYour first step toward building a selector, is to join 4me. As a 4me member you get your own page from which you can manage all the selectors you create. Plus you can save your selector results, rate and comment upon other people's selectors. You can also reply to comments and feature the selectors that you created. It's fast, free and easy to join. We don't ask any private or personal questions--we don't even ask for your name. Just come up with a unique selector author name and your own secret password. Already a member? Create your selector now.
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Express your opinions on the web's most freewheeling, intelligent and friendly religion, political, philosophy and other DISCUSSION FORUMS.

I can guess your first name
Allow me, the name wizard, to dust off my crystal ball. Concentrate on your formal given, first name. Think of your first name as it appears on formal documents... Ah yes, your name is coming into focus now. To be certain, I must ask you a few short questions...and remember to count vowels carefully.

I have just a few more questions after this first one:
1. What is the gender of your name?
It's usually a male name.
It's usually a female name.
Vehicle Selectors
Which car or truck should I buy?
Unbiased vehicle recommendations based on your preferences. Included are over 100 of the best automobiles sold in America both foreign and domestic.
Which car or truck matches your personality?
Data shows that your location, your income, your education and your politics are among the indicators of what sort of car you'll drive.
Driver Personality Selector
What do other drivers think of your driving? Use this selector to find out.

The Swami Knows
I can guess where you are from
Based on your everyday choice of words, this selector quiz will determine the state or country where you were raised.

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