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ANOVA Description Flowchart
A Flowchart by KitKat25. See KitKat25's 4me blog page.
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Explains the concept of ANOVA test used to differentiate between the habitats of the Ptarmigan flocks in 1996/97 vs. the habitat of the Ptarmigan flocks in 2009/10.

Locate Ptarmigan flocks in GNP.
Record type of habitat in which the Ptarmigan are inhabiting the most.
Hypothesize that the Ptarmigan will move to cooler environments as the temperature increases.
Return to GNP after a significant amount of time has passed (at least 10 years so that there is a chance for climate change).
Locate Ptarmigan flocks.

Results should indicate whether or not the Ptarmigan are adapting to climate change well or if they are dying out.
Compare results to previous study.
Record type of habitat in which the Ptarmigan are now inhabiting.