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Rulers of Britain
A Flowchart by Chuck. See Chuck's 4me blog page.
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Rulers of Britain up to 1016

793AD - Vikings from the North attacked. Cities were burnt and teasures seized. England started recruiting armies.
865AD - The Danes invaded and took over all of England except of Wessex. That weakened the kingdoms so none of the kindoms would be able to resist. All of the kingdoms except for Wessex were occupied by the Danes.
878AD - Alfred, the king of Wessex and an Anglo-Saxon, led an army and defeated the Danes. The Danes were allowed to stay on a particular area of England. A treaty was signed and everything calmed.
900AD - Alfred's son Edward invaded Danelaw. But new Danes from across the sea attacked, making England panic.
1016AD - A Danish King, Canute, conquers the whole of England. The whole of England united under one king, there was a period of peace.