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College Major Selector Quiz
Which college major is right for me? That question is high on the list of important life decisions. SelectSmart.comChoosing your major is really discovering then pursuing your passion. You will get a lot of advice, but it's a choice that you ultimately have to live with. This selector is an assessment of your aptitudes and interests then provides recommendations from a list of ninety popular majors for your consideration. For most people the degree they choose is associated with the career they hope to have. (See Best Job Selector Test) Answer the following questions accurately and honestly, nobody but you will see your results or know your responses.
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Which College Is Right For You?
Discover which of the best is the best for you.

1. The US Department of Education reports that certain majors attract students with certain SAT scores. What sort of SAT scores did you have?
Somewhat high
Somewhat low
Not sure
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2. Which section of your SAT's had the better score?
Equally strong in verbal and math
Not sure
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3. In college you will be competing with other smart people. Studies show that particular majors tend to attract students of certain mental abilities. Which of these general IQ ranges are you willing to compete?
The highest IQ's
Somewhat high IQ's
Medium IQ's
Somewhat low IQ's
The lowest IQ's
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4. According to Kevin Rask, an economics professor at Wake Forest, based on the average grades of graduates some majors are more difficult than others. What kind of major do you prefer?
The middle ground, not too hard nor too easy
No preference
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5. In which of these areas do you have a strong aptitude or nature?
Outdoor nature
Shop skills
Language skills
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6. Your major will be important in how much money you'll make. Which do you prefer?
One that leads to a high salary
I just want to avoid low paying careers.
No preference, money is not as important as my being happy in a career.
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7. Speaking of jobs, according to and other sources some degrees are in high demand by employers, others not so much. What kind of degree do you prefer?
A degree that's in high demand
I just want to avoid the "worthless" degrees.
No preference, I'm getting a degree for me, not to impress some employer
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8. Naturally you can protract practically any area of study for years, but some degrees are typically achieved in two years, some in four, others require post graduate education. How many years are you willing to spend in college?
I'd prefer an associate degree also known as two year degree.
A bachelor's degree in four years seems about right to me.
I am willing to go onto graduate school to pursue my degree.
No preference
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9. There are majors, reports, that are more popular with a particular gender. Since college is a traditional place to have relationships, you may hope to meet fellow students of a certain sex. Which do you prefer?
A major popular with men
A major popular with women
A major not identified as being especially popular with either gender
No preference
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