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  1. Tactical Marine

  2. Tactical Marine w/Missile Launcher

  3. Tactical Marine w/Flamer

  4. Devistator w/Plasma Cannon

  5. Devistator w/Lascannon

  6. Dreadnought

  7. Furioso Dreadnought

  8. Predator Crew

  9. Landspeeder Crew

  10. Vindicator Crew

  11. Whirlwind Crew

  12. Land Raider Crew

  13. Terminator

  14. Terminator w/Assault Weapons

  15. Terminator Sergeant

  16. Force Commander/Grand Master

  17. Scout

  18. Scout Sergeant

  19. Scout w/Heavy Bolter

  20. Scout Sniper

  21. Assault Marine

  22. Assault Marine Sergeant

  23. Apothicary

  24. Standard Bearer

  25. Techmarine

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