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    UNRATED MOVIE SELECTORS (Not all of these selectors have been rated or judged)
See also recommended, new and continuously updated movie selector quizzes.
  • "Billy Madison" Personality Quiz By Honey Jade
  • "I Have A Thing For Hobbits" (and other things) By TheOneGirl
  • "Willow" Character Selector By Sorsha
  • *Rose Red Character Selector* By Sailormercury
  • A Knight's Tale personality selector By Spike
  • A quien de Rebelde Way te pareses? By AnnaKyoyama
  • a2dc-character selector (indonesian movie) By raincloud
  • According to your hygiene, which Hogwarts old person are you? By Lauren
  • Across the Universe Selector By SereneChaos
  • Actor match By Linda
  • Alice in Wonderland Selector By Miss Hanyaan
  • American Pie selector By livingnightlight
  • Anastasia Character By rool
  • Anime for you By Fizban
  • Are you a "Matt Girl" or a "Ben Girl"? By pennyring
  • Are you a Greaser or a Social By Danielle Winston
  • Are you a Xander Cage or a Nicolas Cage By Bridget Wilson
  • Are you my type? By Sean Stewart Eisele
  • Are you obsessive? By Skittles
  • Are you Shaft? By GregHayfner
  • Are you Sith By Naga Sadow
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire Character Quiz! By Lonely Shepherdess
  • Austin Powers character selector By C.J. Lason
  • Back To The Future Trilogy Personality Selector By Marty McFly 85
  • Balto Character Selector By Zeki
  • Bambi Character! By Beth
  • Battle royale Character Selector By Kez
  • Battle Royale Character Selector! By gureisu
  • Belgariad Charector selector By Francine
  • Blade Character Selector By Deacon
  • Bring It On! By Prophecy Girl
  • Buckaroo Bonzai Character Selector By Aldrea C.
  • Cardassian Character Selector By Anna
  • Care Bear Quiz By Cheer Bear
  • Carryin' the Banner -- Which Newsie are you? By BlueHairedFreak
  • Cats and Dogs Character Selector By JessieofTR
  • Cats Don't Dance Character Selector By Scrimno
  • Charlotte's Web Characters By purple3950
  • Choose your loverboy!!! By father x-mas
  • Choose Your Movie Rental By Joseph D. Casaletto
  • Clerks Cartoon Character Selector By Jennie Cooper
  • Constellations By Nikita
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Which Character Are You? By Jen
  • Death To Smoochy Character Selector By Chris
  • Determine your favourite Kevin Smith project. By Whimper3
  • Disney Princess selector By Hattie Smee
  • Disney Villain Selector By Maleficent
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast Character Selector By B&BLover
  • Do you have a thirst for BLOOD? By molly
  • do you want to find out about the stuff you should like By adam gillson
  • Donnie Darko By Jason
  • Elijah Wood-What's your expertise By Kim
  • Empire Records - open till midnight! By Jessica
  • English Patient Character Selector By Dale Cooper
  • escape from new york By hypertextgirl
  • Eu sou um personagem de romance- juvenil de sessão da tarde? By Felipe Meyer
  • Evangelion character selector By third child
  • Every town has a story- Tombstone has a legend! By OK1881
  • Evil Dead Character Selector By Jeff Wiles
  • Failed 80s Child Stars By essica'Jay
  • Fast and the Furious - Which character are you? By Amandii
  • Fellowship of the Ring Character Selector By Jutt
  • Fellowship of the Ring character test By *elveneyes*
  • Fellowship of the Ring selector By Frodo
  • Fellowship of the Selectors By Dizzy
  • Fellowship Test By cyber- gal89
  • Flash Gordon Character Selector By Ben the Baptist
  • Freedom,Beauty,Truth or Love By Sparkwingdiamond
  • Frodo Baggins By Arwen Undomiel
  • Frodo or Sauron? By Uruloki
  • Fun Labyrinth test By Samantha , Melissa, & Ken...
  • Galadriel's Super Neat Character Test By Galadriel
  • Gattaca Character Selector By Dick Goodwin
  • Gen X Cops Character Selector By brongmaster
  • Ghost World character selector By Ghost Chick
  • Ginger Snaps Characters By SecretlyBlessed
  • Gladiator Character Selector By Hawk
  • Godfather Character By PhoenixStar
  • Godzilla Kaiju Selector By Escushion
  • Gone In 60 Seconds By CrazyzAngel
  • Gosford Park Personality Test By King George
  • GWTW Character By dyzfunctionale
  • Hannibal Lector Character Selector By Chris
  • Harry Potter and the philosophers stne character selector By Claire*^-^*!
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By fyrechild
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By Gnomeulis
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By Lady Chocobo
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By Lauren
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By Legolas
  • harry potter character selector By Nick and Angie
  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Frida Norch
  • Hogwarts Sorting Hat By Minako Evans
  • Horror Movie Selector By Monkeyboy
  • Horror Movie Villain Selector By Gwyn Arazo
  • How Clueless are you? By Annie Williams
  • How Hardcore a Star Wars Fan Are You? By HardcoreSWFan
  • How Important Is The Crow To You? By Bling Bling
  • How strong is the force with you? By Isaiah Amoz
  • Ice Age Character Quiz By Synthia Sloth
  • Ice Age charactor selector By Tony Laflamme
  • If you to be a Japanese Monster from a Toho film, whom would you be? By Ultima Mayu
  • Imperial Officer Personality Selector By Admiral K'Raanen
  • Indiana Jones adventure selector. By anoddoblivion
  • Indiana Jones movie selector By Petri Tikka
  • Indiana Jones the Condensed Version By Indiana
  • It's The Adam Anthrax Showwwww! By Tune Youg
  • Jay And Silent Bob Characters By Jay
  • Jim Carrey Movie Selector By Annie Williams
  • joe casaletto's movie selector #2 //// MARCH 2001 By Joe Casaletto
  • Josie and the Pussycats Character By Rinoa
  • Journey to the West 2 By Himura Kenshin
  • Jude Law Character Selector By Alec Leamas
  • Kevin Smith's Jersey Trilogy By Maynard G.
  • Labrynth Character Selector By Lauren Darnell
  • Labyrinth Character Selector By Tasha
  • Last Unicorn Character Selector By Bethany
  • Leah Ireland Movie Reviews By Leah Ireland
  • Legally Blonde Selector By Mike
  • Lilo and Stitch character select By Laura
  • Lion King II: Simba's Pride Which Charecter are You? By Katie
  • Little Shop of Horrors Character Selector By Tune Youg
  • Lord of the Rings By Brittney
  • Lord of the Rings boyfriend/girlfriend chooser. By LOTRBABE
  • Lord Of the Rings Character Selector By Badger
  • Lord Of The Rings Character Selector By Mary & Pimpin
  • Lord of the Rings Character Selector! By LegolasCutie9
  • Lord of The Rings Character Test By Annie
  • Lord Of The Rings Middle Earth Race Quiz By magic
  • Lord of the Rings motha...... By Lord of the Rings Mother!
  • Lord of the Rings Movie Chooser By Jess
  • Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Race Compatibility By Tears of Stardust
  • Lord of the rings: Who are you? By Shannaforever
  • Lord of the rings: Who in Middle Earth were you? By Shanna
  • Lotr Character Selector By lukemalpas
  • LOTR Characters By Kylene
  • LOTR class selector By Admiral_cory
  • lotrppl By silmaril
  • Matrix selector (hmmm... not very imaginitive) By Switch
  • Middle Earth Lover By Lady of Mirkwood
  • Mighy Ducks District-5 By QuailGirl
  • molin rouge By risti
  • Monsters Inc Quiz By Laura
  • Monsters Inc Test By Kendal and Melissa
  • Monsters Inc. Character Selector By JessieofTR
  • More Leah Ireland Movie Reviews By Leah Ireland
  • Moulin Rouge By AcidDeath
  • Moulin Rouge Character By Kristen
  • Moulin Rouge Character slecter By Greta
  • Moulin Rouge Characters By Maggi
  • Movie Character By nemo
  • Movie Detectives By Kyle
  • Movie Selector By Max Spencer
  • MOVIE TEST By Crazy Paola Gecko
  • Moviola film preferences quiz By RayLehmann
  • Mulan character selecter By Vegie- girl
  • Mummy Character Personality Quiz By The Ice Princess
  • Musical Movie By Ruby Rose
  • my araworld By araglenn
  • Nabila's best movie selector By nabila7000
  • Newsie Date By fat_pidgeon
  • Newsie Match By Care
  • Newsies Bad Guy Selector By Taps
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Character By Tiffany Star Collins
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Character Quiz By Shankz
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz By bucifer
  • Office Space Character Generator By Phoebe Caprona
  • Pearl Harbor Characters By Evelyn Walker
  • Pitch Black: What character are you? By Meg
  • police school test By DaRk~MyZtIc
  • Pulp Fiction Character Selector By Monte Merritt
  • Requiem For A Dream Character Selector By Christine
  • Requiem for a Dream Character Selector By LucivarYaslana
  • Resident Evil and Scooby Doo Character By MoNkEyBoNe44
  • Resident Evil Movie Quiz By RainHasntDied
  • Revenge of the Which Jude Law Character are You Selector By Jeffrey Beaumont
  • Rocky Horror Character Selector By Keira
  • Romy and Michelle Character Selector By Andy M.
  • S:SotC Character Selector By DreamLion
  • Saving Private Ryan Character Test By ava
  • scary movie By nicole goff
  • Science Fiction movie selector By Mr.Unknown
  • Scream!!!! By Paige
  • SDA By bruno simonetto
  • See Which Lord Of The Rings Character you are most like. By Shane
  • Should you watch Saving private Ryan or Thin red line Selector By Über
  • SLC Punk! Character Selector By Sirea
  • Snatch: The Elusive Personality Search By Jonathan Davis
  • SpiderMan Movie Quiz By Alex Perry
  • Spy Kids Selector By camencortez
  • Stanley Kubrick movie selector By Chugnutz2600
  • Stanley Kubrick movie selector By Sexy_Morbid_Kitten_666
  • Star Wars By Floofy-Wan Kenobi
  • Star Wars Character By Dave
  • Star Wars Character Selector By JediKnight03
  • Star Wars characters By Ben
  • Star Wars Characters By Ben
  • Star Wars Episode 2:Attack of the Selectors By Anakin Obsesser
  • Star Wars Peepz By Alex&Felka
  • star wars personality test By bob lobi
  • Star Wars Quiz O' Fun By George Harrison
  • Star Wars Selector By The Unknown Person
  • Star Wars Species By Rin Mitthrawn
  • Star Wars species selector By Petri Tikka
  • Star Wars Trilogy Character By HSolo29
  • Starship Troopers Character Selector By FlirtaciousDevice
  • SW Trilogy Character By Wooper
  • The "My Name Is Jonas"- Movie quiz, version one By -Bri
  • The Addams Family By linea
  • The Beauty and the Beast quiz By Dalin
  • The BIG SpongeBob character quiz! By Dirty Bubble
  • The Boondock Saints Charatest By Connor McManus
  • The Bourne Identity By Val
  • The Brave Little Toaster: Which appliance are you? By Tune Youg
  • The Dark Crystal Character Selector By Jellyfish
  • The Disney Character Selector By JessieofTR
  • the Ever After selector By eowyn
  • The Fight Club Character Selector By Oskar
  • The Frodo Quiz! By Mazzie Starr
  • The Godfather- Corleone Family Selector By The SwordsmanXI
  • The Godfather selector By Andolini
  • The Kevin Smith/Viewaskew Selector By Mallrat-Flash
  • The Lion King character selector By Shinda
  • The Lord Of The Rings Cast Selector By Charlotte
  • The master of disguise test By Polympolym
  • The Matrix By Neo
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas character selector By nicole merenda
  • The Office Space Character Selector By Marla
  • The Pippin-clone test By lunayuy
  • The Princess Bride Test By Elf
  • The REAL Star Wars Quiz (#2) By Princess Laina
  • The Road to El Dorado Personality Selector By ChibiJaime
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Test! By Columbia and Magenta
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel Test By Alea
  • The Scorpion King Character Selector By Tony
  • The Selector cool movies! By Neiry
  • The Shawshank Redemption Character Selector By John Russell
  • The Sorting Hat By Kelly
  • The Star Wars Personality Test By Angel Grrl
  • The Story of Ricky Character Selector By Oskar
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley Character Selector By Nanjo Koji
  • The true Star Wars character selector By Noel Kenobi
  • The Very Secret Diaries By Brittany
  • The Video Guy 17 By thevideoguy17
  • The ''What Movie are you?'' test. By JupLuna
  • The Which Cat From CATS (By Andrew Lloyd Webber) Are YOU? By Arwen
  • Unnamed Selector By Catherine
  • Unnamed Selector By herff samuel jones
  • Unnamed Selector By Josefina
  • Unnamed Selector By Katie
  • Unnamed Selector By Krissy Beth
  • Unnamed Selector By Laina
  • Unnamed Selector By patrick
  • Unnamed Selector By Rebecca
  • Unnamed Selector By SallyBeth
  • Vampire Chronicles Characters By Lestat
  • Vart skulle du bo, om du levde i Midgård? By Nienoriél
  • Velvet Goldmine Character by t.v.eye By lolo
  • Velvet Goldmine Character Selector By adam wilde
  • Velvet Goldmine Character Selector By WildeAuri
  • Velvet goldmine Quiz By ko- eun
  • View Askew Character Selector By David Smith
  • View Askew Character Selector By Nate Anderson
  • Watership Down By chaeval
  • Watership Down Character Selector By Leah
  • Weird Cult Movie Selector By Cameron Seely
  • What "Monsters Inc." Character Are You? By RedHeadedGal210
  • What A.I. Character are YOU? By EvilMonkey
  • What anime character are you most like. By dark-vision
  • What Anime Will I Like? By Um Jammer Parappa
  • What Annie Character are you? By Alex
  • What character are you most like in the RoboCop series? By Tobias Domino
  • What Character are you? By Shalun92
  • What character from one of my favorite movies are you? By Gina
  • What Clue character are you? By Claire
  • What Cry-Baby Actor/Actress are YOU? By Jen
  • What Disney Character Are You Like By Jaimee
  • What Disney Princess Are You? By Gracey
  • What Elijah Wood Character are YOU?! By Spiffy Neko
  • What Empyrean guy are you? By Ralph S.
  • What Episode 2 Character Are You? By Matt
  • What Fictional Character Are You? By Georgi
  • What Fight Club Character are you? By Tripredacus
  • What George Clooney film are you? By broncbabe78
  • What Hannibal Character would you be? By Emu
  • What Harry Potter Beauty Are You? By Dena
  • What Harry Potter character are you? By Charlie
  • What Harry Potter Character are YOU? By Ivy
  • What Hobbit Are You in The Lord of the Rings? By Mithfalas
  • What horror movie character are you? By Muse
  • What Horror Movie Villain are you? By Mechanical Assassins
  • What is ur character 4 Lord Of The Rings By Ashley
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • What is your Celebrity match? By Hannah & Lelia
  • What is your favourite star wars movie? By Petri Tikka
  • What is your Harry Potter charater By Wendy
  • what is your perfect place to go on vacation? By moniekie
  • What James Bond movie are you? By squidy2345
  • What John C. McGinley Character Are You? By Lori
  • What Juarssic Park person are you? By Thames Harding
  • What Kevin Smith character should you be? By Logan Bonner
  • What Killer Klown From Outerspace Am I!?! By Electro Assassin
  • What kind of movie are you? By erin
  • What Labyrinth Character Are You? By Samantha
  • What Lion King character are you most like? By CB
  • What Lion King character are you? By Brett&Grace
  • What Lod of the rings character are you? By Anais
  • What Lord Of The Ring character are you? By Ashley
  • what lord of the rings character are you By karasputu
  • What Lord Of The Rings Character Are You? By Tasha
  • What Marilyn character are you? By MarilynLikesItHot
  • What Member of Jackass Are you? By x_her_him_x
  • What Moulin Rouge Person Are You? By GreenFairy
  • What Moulin Rouge song are You? By Evendim
  • What Movie are you? By Alexa
  • What movie are you? By Malegina
  • What Movie Are You? By Mikkii
  • what movie do you want rent in november By pat rivers
  • What movie monster are you By Patrick
  • What Rachel Obsession are you? By RachelMonster
  • What Rocky Horror Character Are You Most Like? By FantasyFreeMe
  • what secret of nimh character are you? By kori
  • What Simba's Pride character are you? By Nuka
  • What Sopranos' Character Are You? By mikstuftwo
  • What Spaceballs Character are You? By falsecertainty
  • what spider-man character are you(movies) By riley sheen
  • What Star Wars character are you most like? By Blazur
  • What Star Wars Character Are You Most Like??? By Mara Jade Wannabe
  • What Star Wars Character Are YOU? By Jennifer ^__^
  • what Terminator 2 character are you? By Jason
  • What Titanic Character Are You? By Rose Dawson
  • What Titanic Thing Are You? By Claire Titanic
  • What TLK2 character are you? By ScarsCub
  • What tvvideo game character are you? By luke
  • What Type of Hobbit are you? By Kippy
  • What type of Precrime fighter are you? By De
  • What Urban Legend character are you? By happygrishie
  • What Zoolander Freak Are You? By Emily " the babe " Porter
  • What's Your West Side Story Character? By Ruby Rose
  • Which "Carry On Cleo" character are you most like? By Maxie
  • Which "Ice Age" Character Are You? By zeggami
  • Which "Manos: The Hands of Fate" character are you most like? By Bryan Van Norden
  • Which "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Character Are You? By CBIzumi
  • Which "The Shining" Character are you? By Psychosisters
  • Which Adam Sandler Character Are You Most Like? By Shane
  • Which Adam Sandler Movie Best Describes You? By Kitty02
  • Which Alan Rickman Character Are You? By Raptor in Black
  • Which Alfred Hitchcock Movie do you most relate to? By OpieTaylorFan
  • Which All Dogs Go To Heaven character are you? By Killer
  • Which Almost Famous character are you most like? By LB aka GA>>>>all you need...
  • Which American Pie Character are you? By Meg & Leo
  • Which Angus character are you? By Craig Schwab
  • Which anime character would you be? By Herff Jones
  • Which Balto Character Are You? By Ruku
  • Which Balto Character are you? By Trixie
  • Which Bambi Character Are You? By Kat
  • Which Battle Royale Character Are You? By Liz Patterson
  • Which Big Money Hustlas Character Are You? By Scottish
  • Which Bond Are You? By Dave_s
  • Which Bounty Hunter are you? By Queen laura
  • Which Brad Pitt Character Are You? By TDurden
  • Which But I'm a Cheerleader Character Are You? By Legs
  • Which Cabaret character are you? By Caitlin
  • Which Cats character are you most like? By JellicleGirl
  • Which Character are you most like in The New Fellowship? By Elanor/Pippin/Frodo/Arwen
  • Which character from "The Happening" are you most like? By Jeff Smith
  • Which character from A Clockwork Orange are you? By HardcoreSheep
  • Which character from Amelie are you? By polkasquare
  • Which character from ''The 'Burbs'' are you most like? By Leah
  • Which character from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are you most like? By Neisa & Keindra
  • Which character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you? By sincerity3696900
  • Which character from the Star Wars Movies are you? By Nolan Hatley
  • Which Christmas Show Or Movie Do You Relate To? By OpieTaylorFan
  • Which classic Kiefer baddie is for you? By Evie
  • Which Clint Eastwood character are you? By Eric Enholm
  • Which Cortez are you? By Kell Wright
  • Which Coyote Ugly Character Are You? By SingingCoyote
  • Which Creature are you? By Chelsea
  • Which Creepy Movie should you be in? By OpieTaylorFan
  • Which Cruel Intentions Character are you? By Cruel_Girl_Kathryn
  • Which CTU guy is for you? By Evie
  • Which DBZ character are you? By Lauren
  • Which Disney Feline Are You? By Michalinka
  • Which Disney Hero are you? By Meeko
  • Which Disney Hero Are You? By Michalinka
  • Which Disney Heroine Are You? By Michalinka
  • Which Disney Movie Character are You? By Jen
  • Which Disney Princess are you? By hrdcorerosie
  • Which Dogma character are you? By Linnie
  • Which Dogma character are you? By Mary and Pimpin
  • Which Elden Henson character are you? By Leona R
  • Which Elf are you? By Lady Arwen
  • Which Empire Records character are you? By Emily
  • Which Evil LOTR Character Are You? By SSJ2GohanRulez
  • Which Ewan McGregor Character Are You? By Ri
  • Which Fan Star Wars Character am I? By Mannoe Kenobi
  • Which Fast and The Furious Character are you? By diesel_punk
  • Which Fellowship of the Ring character are yew? By My Pippin XP
  • Which female jedi are you? By Avariel_girl
  • Which Fifth Element Character are you? By Kat
  • Which FIGHT CLUB character are you? By xsilverxglitterx
  • Which forgotten Animated Heroine are you? By Clio the Muse
  • Which Freddy Got Fingered Character Are You? By SmackDownRAW
  • Which Freddy Got Fingered Character Are You? By SmackdownRaw
  • Which ghost are you? By Kragey
  • Which ''Ghost World'' Character Are you? By Elise
  • Which Ghostbusters Character Are You? By doc_velocity
  • Which Girl, Interrupted character are you most like? By Rae
  • Which Good Will Hunting Character Are You? By Harri
  • Which GoodFellas Character Are You? By B
  • Which Goonie Are You? By Ariane
  • Which Harry Potter are you most like? By LaurenLongbottom
  • which harry potter character do you relate to the most? By sweetie
  • Which Harry Potter Character is YOUR Best friend? By Alyse
  • Which Heather Are You? By SammyBrite
  • Which Hedwig and the Angry Inch Character am I? By
  • Which Hedwig Character Are You? By Megadeath921
  • Which Hellraiser Character Are You? By Sexy Cenobite
  • Which Hobbit Are You? By Trixie
  • Which Hogwarts Student are you? By Raven
  • Which Hong Kong Cinema Star Are You? By sockii
  • Which horror movie are you? By Dawson
  • Which Indiana Jones Character Are You? By Kirsten
  • Which 'Interview With The Vampire' character are you? By Fragile_pumpkin
  • Which Jennifer Lopez character are you? By michelle
  • Which Johnny Depp Film Are You? By Jen
  • Which Jurassic Park Character Are You? By SpiritWolf77
  • Which Jurassic Park dinosaur are you? By BadMoonlight
  • Which Kevin Smith Movie are you? By J.
  • Which Labyrinth Character Are You Most Like? By Cruiser One
  • Which Labyrinth Character Are You? By crazychrissibear
  • Which Last Unicorn character are you? By miettescity
  • Which LEGEND Character Are You Most Like? By Autumnchylde
  • Which Legend Character are you? By Lovely BlackWidow
  • Which Lisbon Sister Are YOU? By ashes
  • Which Lord of the Rings Character are You Like? By sheepishxlion
  • Which Lord Of The Rings Character Are You? By Destiny
  • Which Lord of the Rings character are you? By Emmy
  • Which lord of the rings character are you? By Legolas, Aragorn's lover
  • Which Lord of the Rings character are you? By Sari
  • Which Lord of the Rings Character suits you? By Renee
  • which Lord of The Rings character's personality is most like yours? By Chicago Girl
  • Which Lord of The Rings Person are You Most Like? By Mary & Pimpin
  • Which Loser character are you? By manyamore
  • Which LoTR Being Are You? By Jessi
  • Which LOTR Character is your favorite? By VP
  • Which LOTR Elf Are You By Arwen
  • Which lotr Ringwraith personality are you? By spike
  • Which LOTR Woman are You By Athalas
  • Which MAGNOLIA Character Are You? By Narky
  • Which Member of the Fellowship Are you? By Elendil
  • Which Member of the Fellowship are you? By Saris Fisher
  • Which Mighty Ducks 2 Character Are You? By FirecrackerWilliams
  • Which Moulin Rouge character are YOU most like? By Man of Cheese
  • Which Moulin Rouge character are you most like? By Satine
  • Which Moulin Rouge Character Are You? By ~**Satine**~
  • Which Moulin Rouge Character are you? By Kristen
  • Which Moulin Rouge Song are you? By Scarlett
  • Which movie character are you?! By Bobhamster
  • Which Movie Do You Belong In? By Gracey
  • Which Movie Heroine are you? By Michelle
  • Which movie heroine are you? By michelle
  • Which Movie McGuffin are You? By Dreams
  • Which Movie star are you? By Kristy
  • Which Mummy Character are you? By Slaygirl
  • Which Mummy Character are you? By Slaygirl627
  • Which Muppet are you the most like? By the lone bamf
  • Which Muppet are You?? By Cheer Bear
  • Which newsie are ya right for? By Chapter Morrelli
  • Which newsie are you most compatible with? By Martini
  • Which Newsie Are You? By RacetrackHiggins
  • Which Newsies Character is Most Like You? By lteonga
  • Which Nightmare Before Christmas Character are you? By Archimedea
  • Which Nightmare Before Christmas character are you? By CBIzumi
  • Which Nightmare Before Christmas character are you? By WitchyStew
  • Which ''Nightmare Before Christmas'' Character are you? By CBSkellington
  • Which Office Space character are you? By Lumberg
  • Which One Of Gecko's Favorite Cartoons Are You? By Flecko Dah Gecko
  • Which One of Katie's Favorite Movies are you? By Katie
  • Which one of Marie's favorite guys are you? By marieb
  • Which one of Pat's favorite movies would you like most? By Pat
  • Which Osmosis Jones character are you? By Embris
  • Which Osmosis Jones da Sequel Character are you? By Da Virus
  • Which Person are you? By Jessica
  • Which Peter Lorre character are YOU? By Lydia
  • Which Peter Pan character are you? By Manda
  • Which Police Academy movie is right for you? By Noam DePlume
  • Which Princess Bride character are you? By lucy
  • Which ''Princess Bride'' character are you? By Raiko
  • Which Princess Rouge character do you resemble the most? By Carrie-May
  • Which Pulp Fiction Character are you? By Seraphin7
  • Which Pulp Fiction Character are You? By Ryndel
  • Which Pussycat Are You? By UmJammer Lauren
  • Which Quest For Camelot character are YOU most like? By Kayley
  • Which 'Quills' Character Are You By Natalie Claire Rekai
  • Which race of LOTR Character R U? By hiyananana
  • Which Recurring Kevin Smith Character Are You? By JennaBlue
  • Which Requiem for a Dream character are you? By The1IKLIK
  • Which Reservoir Dog are you? By Kate S.
  • Which RKO Player Are You? By Bill Lange
  • Which Robert De Niro charactor are you? By Liam
  • Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you? By Jillian
  • Which Rocky rocker are you? By tenga
  • Which Shadow Character are you? By Jamina
  • which shreck careter are you? By death by poison
  • Which Shrek Character Are You? By dNight
  • Which Shrek character are you? By spike
  • Which Signs Character Are You? By Ashkasha Pyatt-Feaston
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  • Who is your inner villain? By De
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