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February 18, 2004

Diabetes column misleading

by Lorie Anderson Ashland

Last month the Tidings published a column, "Prevention diet for diabetes," by an author who is not a credentialed science-based health professional, but a natural foods author and consultant.

The author neglected to mention the two most important ingredients within our control for delaying or preventing pre-diabetes: losing weight (if overweight) and exercising. For some pre-diabetics, eating a healthful high carb, low fat diet, while watching calories, may stave off Type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetics should reduce fats, especially saturated fat which is found in many protein foods, like meat.

The author mistakenly painted all carbs with the same brush, cautioning about potatoes, cereals, breads, fruits, beans, nuts, milk, and yogurt. Actually, pre-diabetics are encouraged to eat these foods, particularly if whole grain and non/low-fat dairy, as part of a healthy diet.

Further scientific investigation is needed to substantiate the purported effects and benefits of the foods/herbs listed in the article. What are the dosages, contraindications, side-effects, drug/herb interactions, and precautions? (Issues of purity and quality of supplements arise too. ) E.g. Fenugreek and bitter melon could harm a pregnancy. Inulin (no relation to insulin), which the author says will lower blood sugar, has been shown to have no effect on blood sugar. Too much of insulin-producing and glucose reducing substances might lead to a hypoglycemic reaction.

Medford's Institute for Diabetes and Endocrinology approved the contents of this letter.

Lorie Anderson


Further information at: "How to Prevent Diabetes," by the American Diabetes Association

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