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Astrology selectors, pages, etc.
Horary astrology and how its used
By findyourfate
November 27, 2021 5:47 am
Category: Astrology

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It is undeniable that the horoscope is cast at the very moment that the native inquires. The fundamental principle of horary astrology is that a real query from a native is required before a legitimate response can be provided. It has now become unclear what the true question is, which raises the following question:
Every person who was born on this planet will experience ups and downs throughout their lives. Whenever an issue emerges, the native will make every attempt to resolve it using whatever resources are available to him. When a person experiences failure or chronic difficulties, the planets and stars urge him to consult with an astrologer in order to determine when his or her troubles will be finished.
In other words, the difficulty is causing him to seek the advice of an astrologer. This is the time of year when he pays a visit. I got in touch with the astrologer and asked him a question about his particular situation. When he asks a question, he receives an exact response from the universe at this point in time.
To summarise, the astrologer should only evaluate those questions in Horary in which the native is directly concerned and is interested in learning the solution to the question posed. Before a Horary Horoscope or Prasna Chart can be cast, there must be a query or Prasna that has been asked first.
A native might ask questions that are either directly linked to him or that are directly related to his family and friends. It is recommended to avoid inquiries that are posed informally during parties, get-togethers, and other gatherings. The locals should not be asked irrelevant or non-serious questions since this results in inaccurate responses, which harms the astrologer's reputation and the reputation of astrology as a whole. They are, likewise, of no value to the indigenous population.
In most cases, when a local goes to see an astrologer, he has one burning query in mind regarding the present situation, such as why he is not doing well in business or why he is not satisfied with his work or why his daughter is not getting married, among other things. He can ask two distinct questions, for example, concerning his daughter's job and her future marriage. Then, according to the importance of the questions posed by the locals, the astrologer shall proceed to take the questions by Horary one by one, one by one. Ideally, the astrologer should only accept one question from the native at a time and answer the second question no more than a second after answering the first one.
When answering leading inquiries on a single problem, the astrologer should consult the same horary horoscope as the problem. For example, a local inquires as to when his daughter's wedding will take place. It must be noted that, following the astrologer's forecast of the native's marriage, the native may inquire about his daughter's marriage, and the same horoscope must be used to make that prognosis regarding his daughter's marriage.
The obvious question is whether or not an astrologer has the authority to ask questions for himself. It is necessary for an astrologer to go through life in the same way that everyone else does, and to encounter the same difficulties.
Astrologers who are serious about asking a question can do it by following the principles of Horary Astrology, which allows them to ask the question themselves.
Precision of Time: Astrologers should be extremely conscientious about the accuracy of their time calculations.
Understanding the Native's inquiry: The astrologer should listen closely to the Native's question and make every effort to completely comprehend his or her question. The native comes to the astrologer at a period of trouble, and it is natural for him to be in a state of poor mental health at this time, and he may say things that are insignificant at the moment. He can be assisted in formulating a specific inquiry, and it is at this point that the astrologer should take into consideration the specific question he has formulated for him.
Taking "Seed" from Indigenous Peoples: As you are aware, the Zodiac has a total of 243 sub-lords. Sublords pour over to the next sign in a flurry of activity. Thus, six additional sensitive points in the zodiac are created, for a total of 249 sensitive points in the zodiac.
If the Astrologer is asked a question and the Astrologer is not in a position to cast a horoscope at that time and then cast a horoscope later to determine the answer, then the time should be taken when the Astrologer really begins working on answering the question.
If the horoscope is to be cast by hand, then the time should be noted when he puts the pen in his hand and begins working on the chart. It is necessary to record the moment when he begins working on a computer, which occurs when he turns on his computer. The seed should be used within two days of being harvested. If the astrologer is unable to complete his or her task within two days after receiving the seed, he or she should request another seed from the native for the inquiry.
It is not the moment at which the inquiry is asked that is significant. In order to compute the answer, it is necessary to know when the seed has been planted.
The location of the question's conception or the location of the seed's sowing: When creating the Horary Horoscope, the latitude and longitude of the location where the Astrologer is working on the query are taken into consideration
When you have finished casting your horary horoscope, the next step is to analyse the planets in the horoscope, as well as the DBA and transits

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Comments on "Horary astrology and how its used":

  1. by Donna on November 27, 2021 5:51 am
    I don't think anyone here is into astrology.

  2. by Curt_Anderson on November 27, 2021 8:59 am
    That is such a Capricorn thing to say!

  3. by Donna on November 27, 2021 10:05 am
    That's impossible, Curt. I'm a Leo.

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