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Which George Stephanopoulos will interview Joe Biden
By HatetheSwamp
July 5, 2024 3:41 am
Category: Media

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IMO, what matters, in the Stephanopoulos interview of our sitting President, is who Stephanopoulos advocates for.

My initial thought was that George would, for all practical purposes, give Mr Biden a journalistic blow job, lobbing softballs, barely mentioning Trump, allowing our President to talk about his love for Jill and his children and ice cream... with scripted, prearranged questions whose presentation will be carefully edited for public consumption.

Yet, on second thought, George is a mouthpiece, so to speak, for the Dem Party smoke-filled room, not Joe Biden. If the Dems who really run the party want Joe gone, George will do a clever hit job. He'll do the kind of interview that will require Joe to know the names of Cabinet members and address the issues that polls suggest moderate and independent common sense voters care about: the economy, immigration, crime and restoring democracy, including his own DOJ's embarrassment before the Supreme Court for attempting to rush, through the courts, trials of his chief opponent in the fall election.

If George conducts a challenging interview, Joe Biden is dead meat... and the smoke-filled room will have, in effect, orchestrated the end of the Biden campaign.

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Comments on "Which George Stephanopoulos will interview Joe Biden ":

  1. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 9:31 am

    You're overthinking this. I don't think Stephanopoulos is going to have his thumb on the scale. There's no reason to. The question isn't whether Biden can do advanced calculus, it's his basic cognition, whether he can think on his feet and communicate clearly. Even basic questions can help shed light. Personally, I think it would be devastating if he struggles even when asked those softball questions.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on July 5, 2024 10:07 am

    Stephanopoulos is going to be a part of the equation.

    He could interview the Doddering Old Fool in the confrontational way he'd interview Trump.

    Who has any doubt that Joe'd be overwhelmed? He could, for instance, ask Joe how he responds to the reality that the laptop, recently used by his own administration as evidence against his son under oath, proves that he lied numerous times about knowing nothing about Hunter's business associates.

    Stephanopoulos could ask Joe about his favorite ice cream flavor and what Jill thinks about the amazing season her Philadelphia Phillies are having and what his golf handicap really is and if he'd beat Trump on the links.

    My guess is that the reality will be more the second paragraph than the first... unless the DNC has decided it wants Joe out NOW!

  3. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 10:57 am

    Stephanopoulos is a hitman for corporate America. How do you think he went from Clinton's talking head to a cush position in the media overnight?

  4. by HatetheSwamp on July 5, 2024 11:19 am

    When you're right, you're right.

  5. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 12:09 pm

    First, nobody outside the MAGA universe cares about Hunter's laptop. Second, if you ask about that, he can simply say, "I will not comment on pending litigation." Third, if you press Biden on his son's troubles, you end up making him more sympathetic. It's something you would expect any parent of a wayward child to have trouble discussing.

    The bigger issue is Biden's mental acuity. I would expect to hear questions about his work schedule, health, medical checkups -- all things that go to the question of whether he can still function in the job. You might hear questions about foreign policy, about immigration and the economy to see how much he can communicate about current issues. These go to the question of whether he's fit to perform in a crisis.

    I expect to hear questions about his excuses since the debate -- since presidents still need to function and make critical decisions even when they have colds, jet lag or don't get enough sleep. Campaigning is a physically and mentally demanding job, and there will probably be a question about whether he can give voters confidence he's up to the challenge -- particularly after recent news reports that he best functions between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., needs frequent naps and doesn't want to schedule events after 8 p.m.

    And, finally, he'll probably be asked why he thinks he is the best person to run against Trump and whether he should hand the nomination over to someone who can better articulate his administration's accomplishments.

    None of these are particularly tough or challenging questions. But they go to the core of the biggest concerns people have about Biden since the debate.

  6. by HatetheSwamp on July 5, 2024 12:35 pm


    Having watched both of my parents die with/of dementia in recent years, I can tell you that there's much more to it than loss of mental acuity. There's also an emotional toll... often, in males, resulting in outbursts of anger or other inappropriate expressions of emotion. And, there's a deterioration of social skills. People will have an opportunity to judge the Flatulent Fool on each of those levels

    And,... I wasn't suggesting that Stephanopoulos will question Joe on the laptop, only that he may ask Joe questions for which easy clichés are not going to be appropriate.

    I still think that Joe'll get a journalistic blow job... unless the DNC steps in.

  7. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 12:49 pm

    Nobody cares about Hunter, period. On this I can agree with "Robert".

  8. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 1:01 pm

    I'm sure almost everyone in this forum has family members who have experienced late life cognitive and memory impairments. However, I'm not sure I understand your greater point. Are you expecting Biden to grab a cane and start hitting Stephanopoulos with it? Unlikely.

    Most people are going to tune in for two reasons. They want to see Biden answer questions about his health and his fitness to serve another four years. And they want to see how he responds, if his answers make sense, whether he loses his train of thought. It's make or break time for Biden. That's what this interview is about. He should want challenging questions so he can answer them and move on. I don't think it would serve anyone's interest -- not yours or mine, not Democrats, not donors, not ABC News or Stephanopoulos -- to ask irrelevant question.

    And I agree with others who have said this interview isn't going to get a wide audience. It probably won't reach the working-class families who are struggling to get by and don't have time to watch politics. But that's not the target audience. The audience for this interview are Democratic voters, Democratic leaders and donors -- all the people who are most concerned about his debate performance. Biden has to calm these people, or they're going to demand he step aside.

  9. by HatetheSwamp on July 5, 2024 1:20 pm


    We are where we are because people were concerned about Joe's mental and physical health going into the debate. He exacerbated those concerns so much last week that he's now fighting for his candidacy.

    George is going to have the task of helping Joe prove he's fit. A tough task. But, and I know that your return is recent and you might not get this,...

    But ...

    Let me start off with two words. I support Biden. I support Biden.

    View Video

  10. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 1:44 pm

    Two words?

  11. by HatetheSwamp on July 5, 2024 2:23 pm

    Inspired by the Joe Biden video. The man's a mathematical genius!

  12. by Curt_Anderson on July 5, 2024 4:18 pm
    Is a name a word? Names are not among the entries in the dictionary. You cannot put down a name in Scrabble. The exceptions being names that are already words like "trump", "bush" or "brown" but then capitalization is unnecessary.

  13. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 6:38 pm

    Just watched the George Stephanopoulos interview with Biden. If this interview had taken place a couple weeks ago, I would have said he did an OK job and that I am perfectly comfortable with him in the Oval Office.

    Biden provided reasonable answers and (like most politicians) tried to pivot when he was asked questions he didn't want to answer. But some of those questions he needed to answer head on, and I don't think this was the best response for the post-debate era. It felt like he was in denial, and he didn't put these questions to rest.

    I think the interview gave a road map for John Warner and other Democrats calling for Biden to step aside. Now Warner and others can set up conditions: If Biden takes a cognitive test, passes it and releases the results, they'll back off. That seems like a very fair bargain. If he passes a cognitive test, he can use the results to push back at his critics. If he fails, he can walk away with dignity.

    I thought Stephanopoulos asked good questions. They weren't exactly what I had predicted, but fairly close. Not exactly tough, but probing and fair. He was trying to be respectful to the office while also pressing for answers.

  14. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 6:45 pm

    Our best and brightest. 😐

  15. by Donna on July 5, 2024 6:50 pm

    I haven't seen it. I was sure kinda hoping that he'd use it to make his formal withdrawal announcement.

  16. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 7:06 pm

    Watching clips right now - he's still raspy and slow. Worse than that, he looks like he's trying to prove he's still alive and kicking. This pundit says it's "obvious" that with the 4th thing and the interview, Biden is still "energizing" the D faithful. 😂

  17. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 7:07 pm

    Dude's in a hotel room phoning in his report.

  18. by ROB3RT on July 5, 2024 7:48 pm

    Donna, we're a week or two away from the withdrawal. Even if Biden had decided to step aside, he couldn't announce it right away at the risk of crashing the markets, emboldening Putin and Xi, and throwing the world into chaos. His team needs to at least broadly outline what a transition -- either as a candidate or as president -- would look like.

    His denial is a problem. The most obvious way to confront these concerns is for Biden to take a battery of cognitive tests and to pass them. If he's not willing to do that, and if he can't campaign vigorously without a teleprompter, it's only a matter of time before he's told to step aside or face the 25th Amendment.

  19. by Indy! on July 5, 2024 7:59 pm

    Bad make-up job too - very orange. Unless that was on purpose like Trump... trying to hide the decaying flesh.

  20. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 2:24 am

    "His denial is a problem." -Rob3rt

    One of the milestone moments in our family's journey with dad's dementia was getting him to give up driving. It was hard for all of us.

    Dad eventually gave in when I agreed to pay top dollar for his car.

    Thing is, dad never acknowledged to us... or himself... that he was cognitively incapable of driving safely.

    I've been talking about Joe resembling dad in his dementia journey since 020. Curt, especially, has mocked me repeatedly. Fine. Watching Joe in action breaks my heart.

    It's time Joe. It's time. Pleeeeeease!

  21. by Donna on July 6, 2024 6:00 am

    I didn't watch the interview.

    From the NYTimes:

    President Biden vowed to stay in the race in a defiant interview with ABC News, dismissing concerns about his age. “If the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d get out of the race, but the Lord Almighty’s not coming down,” he said.

    Oh God.

    Stubborn old man. I hope you're right, Rob3rt, cuz if you aren't... GAH!

    He's pissing me off. If he stays in the race, I won't feel at all like voting for him, but I'll force myself to because I live in Arizona. I'm wondering how many other Democratic voters he's pissing off to the point of deciding,'F**k it. I'm not voting for him.'

  22. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 6:57 am

    The curious thing is that, these days, the NYT is less fair to Joe than the NYP, or Fox.

  23. by Donna on July 6, 2024 9:36 am

    That doesn't surprise me at all because those outlets want Trump to go up against Biden - the candidate they know Trump wouod defeat.

  24. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 10:46 am

    Things is, Donna, the NYP and Fox treat the Doddering Old Fool exactly the same way now as they did before the debate. His brainfarts were big news then as they are now.

    I refer to you lot as intentionally misinformed because your sources of "news" misinform you and you are willing enablers.

  25. by Indy! on July 6, 2024 11:12 am

    I think the ass-whupping is going to be huge. The D establishment just does not understand how pissed off a HUGE part of the "liberal" population is right now. They didn't want Biden last time, but voted for him to get Trump out of the way (and because Biden clearly implied he was going to be a one term prez). They are not going to give Biden the same free ride he got last time. Meanwhile the D establishment (and Biden) think they can play the same game - keep Biden out of the spotlight for the most part and hope every D out there does what Donna and Pondy plan to do (now) - hold their nose and vote for him. My prediction - from day one of Biden's term - still stands... he is going to get hammered.

  26. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 11:32 am

    I think the ass-whupping is going to be huge. The D establishment just does not understand how pissed off a HUGE part of the "liberal" population is right now.


    The Hill has a YouTube podcast with three regulars. They're all young but... One is a, say, maybe, Mitt Romney conservative, one is a Kirsten Gillibrand sort of solid traditionalist lib and one is a AOCish progressive.

    It's the progressive who's really pi$$ed, and more and more all the time. She's, well, po without the TDS,... a progressive who cares about progressive ideas and s not on a deranged TrumpHate crusade. She's making it clear. She ain't votin for "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap" and probably not for any Dem who'd replace him at this late date.

    So, right on, Indy!!

    I don't know about the ass-whupping but on real libs?, exactly.

  27. by ROB3RT on July 6, 2024 11:33 am
    Donna wrote:

    Stubborn old man. I hope you're right, Rob3rt, cuz if you aren't... GAH!

    I don't have a crystal ball, but there are a couple reasons I'm confident that the pressure will eventually mount and Biden will step aside. The exact circumstances may be unique, but this is how it usually goes when a crisis is escalating. The politician digs in, refuses to bow out, but pressure builds until it is no longer tenable to cling to office or stay in a race. Biden's status is simply not tenable. Something's gonna have to give. And probably soon.

    The other reason is because Biden has already gone through something similar before. He announced he was running for president in the summer of 1987, then a month later the plagiarism allegations broke. By today's standards they were relatively quaint -- not citing a couple of paragraphs in a college paper and failing to attribute a quote to Neil Kinnock in a speech (even though he had in previous speeches). When Biden asked his closest advisor Ted Kaufman how to get through it, Kaufman (who is still advising).“There’s only one way to stop the sharks, and that’s pull out." Not long after that, Biden suffered a brain aneurysm but got treatment. He was philosophical at the time, noting that if he hadn't dropped out, he would have died.

    A lot has been made of Biden's reliance on his wife and family when making big decisions. But it seems the ones who have had the biggest impact in times like these have been his advisors, Kaufman, Ron Klain and Mike Donilon. They're all pretty clear-eyed, and I'm confident they know Biden, and they know how to deliver the news to him. (You might take a look at the Guardian article linked below).

    The other reasons I bring up the 1987 incident is because it's related to a health issue, then an aneurysm. He's going through similar brain-related issues now, and I think those closest to him can help see the connection -- there are more important things that the presidency.

    Keep focused on the big picture. Biden is a good and decent man. He's not intentionally jeopardizing the country. We can afford a week or two for him to come to terms with the inevitable. He's got people around him who will tell him the truth.

  28. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 11:37 am

    To all libs and Dems.

    I'm convinced that your Doddering Old Fool is pu$$y whipped. He ain't leaving the race unless Jill lets him. And, she ain't right.

  29. by oldedude on July 6, 2024 11:49 am
    Indy- I agree with the "one term and gone." And now he's turning on that. Well maybe not him, but drjill is for sure, and pedojr.

    I'm not sure about a "whuppin," but I think the issues are going to be downline also.

    Just for everyone's amusement, Lauren Boebert won the GOP primary for her district.

  30. by HatetheSwamp on July 6, 2024 11:53 am

    Pollster Nate Silver urges Biden to resign after ‘incoherent comments’ in ABC interview

    Nate ain't influencing anyone. But, he has more insight about the realities of the numbers than anyone.

  31. by ROB3RT on July 6, 2024 12:00 pm

    Hate wrote:

    I'm convinced that your Doddering Old Fool is pu$$y whipped. He ain't leaving the race unless Jill lets him. And, she ain't right.

    You speak of your parents, about their downward spiral with dementia. For most people, that experience would give them empathy and compassion for those who appear to have similar problems.

    And yet, you speak in the most crass terms about Biden. You keep referencing your parents to explain your expertise. This seems very personal for you.

    What exactly is your problem? Are there some issues you're working through? Is there some projection? You say your parents had dementia. Did you also call them the types of names you call Biden?

  32. by Donna on July 6, 2024 12:03 pm

    Read it. It didn't make me feel any better. Biden just comes across as stubborn and out of touch old man - as someone who's going to follow his wife's and son's biased and self-serving advice rather than that of Ron Klain et al.

    Biden believes he's the only person who can do the job. I always suspected that he held that opinion about himself, but he actually came out and said that during last night's interview. Iow, Kamala Harris was just a convenient prop to help him get elected, but she can't do anything else. Black Americans are going to pick up on that if they haven't already, which will only further diminish his poll numbers.

  33. by Indy! on July 6, 2024 12:10 pm

    Nate suggesting Kamala as the successor tells us how in tune with reality he is... not at all. He should stick to his numbers - try to get them right (see: 2016) and leave the punditry to others. Kamala would not bring in the numbers Dementia Joe could get.

  34. by ROB3RT on July 6, 2024 12:26 pm


    Give it time. These things don't happen instantly. Only a couple of Democrats have publicly urged Biden to step aside. The pressure is going to build, and it's untenable for Biden to remain the nominee. It may take a week or two.

    A few things are going to need to happen. We'll need to see more polls, and I'm fairly certain those polls are not going to be favorable to Biden. We need Democratic leaders and donors to demand Biden take cognitive tests. They need to explain that they will no longer support him unless he takes the tests and makes the results public. Democratic leaders are like you -- they're losing patience.

    I think it's very unlikely that as polls grow worse, Biden refuses cognitive tests and more Democrats and donors jump ship that Biden will be able to continue as nominee.

  35. by Indy! on July 6, 2024 4:17 pm

    Better find a candidate while the window is open.

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