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Business selectors, pages, etc.
Latest victim of Bidenomics: Hooters goes bust
By HatetheSwamp
June 25, 2024 2:49 pm
Category: Business

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Joe Biden is a boob.

Hooters is the latest casual dining chain to close a significant number of locations amid a challenging operating environment where costs remain high and consumers become more discerning. Reports of abrupt closures in markets from Louisville, Kentucky, to Bryan, Texas, to Lakeland, Florida, began spreading Sunday evening. About 40 restaurants around the U.S. have been shuttered, according to local news reports.

With this announcement, Hooters joins a growing list of restaurants that have retrenched throughout the past year and a half.

Such a shame. The wings are good.

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Comments on "Latest victim of Bidenomics: Hooters goes bust":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on June 25, 2024 6:02 pm
    The pandemic soured people on the idea of going out for a meal. The lack of customers forced restaurants of lay-off staff or reduce worker hours. Consequently restaurant workers found employment in other industries. Now they are happy where they are at and are not interested in returning to the food service industry. Unemployment is at or near a record low. There are many jobs with better hours than restaurants. Plus the workers are not reliant on tips.

    Some popular restaurants where we live closed for the announced reason of not being able to find and hire enough workers. I cannot help but think that many of the immigrants wanting to be Americans would jump at the chance to work in a restaurant if they could.

  2. by Indy! on June 25, 2024 6:23 pm

    I used to eat Hooters wings about 8-10 times a year... as many as I wanted, endless macaroni salad and drinks... no charge. Anyone care to guess how I got all these free meals from Hooters?

    Their wings - btw - are okay. I'd put them somewhere in the middle of the wings market.

  3. by Curt_Anderson on June 25, 2024 6:39 pm
    You worked at Hooters? Maybe as valet?

    HtS says he went there because "the wings are good". It was really the breasts that kept him coming back.

  4. by oldedude on June 25, 2024 7:04 pm
    princess. So you were living off of free food and drinks? You fucking welfare princess! You were costing them money and had no interest in actually spending anything more than that. Did you tip? My guess is a flat "no."

  5. by Indy! on June 25, 2024 9:06 pm

    When I had my sports pub, one of the teams I covered was the Miami Hooters Arena Football team. Their media buffet consisted of wings (I believe there were two types - mild and hot), the macaroni salad, a cookie or brownie and whatever you wanted to drink. You could load up on as much as you want like any buffet. The Hooter girls were there too - they got into the games free if they wore their Hooter "uniforms" so they were always scattered around the arena.

    Yes OD, I ate "free" if you don't count the "free" exposure they got from my publication when the local sports papers didn't cover them at all. And no OD, I didn't tip because nobody tips at a company luncheon. 🙄

  6. by oldedude on June 26, 2024 4:58 am
    I think I've been to hooters three or four times in my life. I generally go to ma and pop places with good food to support a family. And overseas (Europe and Asia) we had our places we could rely on the food for being local and good.

    So more jobs are going down the drain. No, I'm pretty sure there are only a few benefits to working there, and still we're taking the machete to jobs.

    Dang! We need a steady job market for at least a couple of years. This means FULL TIME jobs with good pay and benefits. That's a pretty tall order, but I think it's valid.

  7. by HatetheSwamp on June 26, 2024 5:02 am

    Just to clarify.

    I've never been in a Hooters. I said that the wings are good because it's the equivalent of "I buy PLAYBOY to read the articles." Baha

  8. by Ponderer on June 26, 2024 7:25 am

    And as timely proof of Biden's responsibility for Hooters going tits-up, this leaked tTop Secret memo to the secretary of commerce shows how he had it out for the place all along...

    Listen, Gina. I don't care what you have to do or how you have to do it, but I want that un-woke, misogynistic bastion of right wing sexism shut down permanently! Sic the Justice Department on their ass. Break all their suppliers legs. Get the military involved. Poison every one of their restaurants with plutonium if you have to, but I want that place eighty-sixed. This is a presidential order of the highest magnitude!

    Joe Biden
    President of the United States.

  9. by oldedude on June 26, 2024 7:30 am
    Well worthy of a babylon bee. Good job.

  10. by HatetheSwamp on June 26, 2024 9:07 am

    I don't know where you think that memo came from po. But, it not real.

    Hooters is yet another victim of the Flatulent Fool mismanaging the economy. Nuthin more.

  11. by Ponderer on June 26, 2024 11:45 am

    "Well worthy of a babylon bee. Good job." -olde dude

    Thanks, od. I've often thought of submitting some of my stuff to them. They'd probably be a lot funnier if they had progressive lefties write their right wing propaganda pieces for them.

    I see now why you call Hate "Lead". Besides the periodic symbol for it being "Pb", it's also one of the densest elements on earth.

  12. by Indy! on June 26, 2024 12:06 pm

    Hooters is failing for at least 3 reasons more important than "Biden's" economy...

    1) The idea of Hooters has a shelf life - tits and wings is only going to last so long. If we took a poll, I bet none of us have been to a Hooters more than a handful of times. There's nothing special about the food (it's reasonably decent bar food) so you're not going there often when there are other options.

    2) Other places have girls featuring their breasts now - like Twin Peaks.

    3) Covid killed a lot of business (as Curt noted before).

    Honorable Mention: Restaurants go out of business from mismanagement (and internal theft) all the time. It's one of the shakiest industries in the country.

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