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Horror selectors, pages, etc.
Leslie Stahl has Been Doing Some Actual Journalism Lately
By oldedude
December 17, 2023 9:32 pm
Category: Horror

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Although Leslie hasn't been my favorite "news" person, in this case she actually has some points that need to be listened to.

Remember, this is what "From the River to the Sea" includes. Complete genocide of every living Jew starting with this region.

Doctor who treated freed Hamas hostages describes physical, sexual and psychological abuse
About 100 Israeli hostages, kidnapped during the deadly Hamas raid on Israel, have been released after more than 50 days in captivity. Dr. Itai Pessach (director of the Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital at Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv), whose team interviewed and examined many of them, told "CBS News Sunday Morning" the freed hostages were brought to the medical center whether they wanted to come or not.

"We thought they would need a buffer from that time in captivity, underground, in the dark, with very little food, with a lot of psychological stress," he said. "We have to remember that these people have not been around since October 7."

For some, they did not have a home to go back to and it was Pessach who had to inform them. "One of the largest challenges that we had is, how do we break the bad news?" he said. "They look around the room, and they see that someone's missing. That was something we had to prepare for."

Except for a brief cease-fire, there's been an almost-constant Israeli bombardment of Gaza, much of which has been pummeled into wreckage, with half of the population facing severe hunger.

Pessach said he believes both Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza are suffering from PTSD: "When they undergo events such as this, this will take its toll, and it doesn't matter if they're on this side or the other side."

He also believes that television pictures of the freed hostages that suggested they had not been physically abused were misleading. "I think it was very deceptive," said Pessach. "There's not a single person that came back that didn't have a significant physical injury or a medical problem. On top of that, some of them were getting medication, to look better than they actually were."

There were also stories of hostages being branded (a common practice inflicted on Jews and other prisoners of Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust), and of being sexually abused. "Yes, we did see signs of branding," Pessach said. "We definitely saw signs of being handcuffed. We did hear and see evidence of sexual abuse in a significant part of the people we have treated. We also heard evidence and that was one of the hardest parts of abuse against those that [are still there], both physical and sexual."

Pessach also said hostages were subjected to psychological torture (as in being told that Israel no longer exists). "What really struck me is how prepared the Hamas terrorists were with their psychological torment," he said. "It was structured and preplanned. They're constantly saying, 'Nobody cares about you. You are here alone. You hear the bombs falling? They don't care about you. We're here to protect you.' And this really played with their minds.

"There have been some episodes where they separated two family members, and then put them back together, then separated them, then put them back together. And so, as a parent you would do anything to have your child with you, even when you are in captivity," he said.

Pessach said that there was no formula in how they treated the hostages upon their return. "There was no protocol; we had to make that up as we went," he said. "Now, unfortunately, we are the world experts in receiving people that were hostage."

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Comments on "Leslie Stahl has Been Doing Some Actual Journalism Lately":

  1. by oldedude on December 18, 2023 10:29 pm
    And of course, no lefty ever has a response... after systematic rape and murder of a perceived group the left believes is less than human. This isn't about so many things. It's about one thing. Even perceived Jews are worth nothing to many (as we've shown here). Many whom politically want "all lives" saved" (which is a LIE). Some say it's "just" the Israeli "government" (another LIE).

    You can have all the reasons, justifications, and excuses. It doesn't matter in the end. Your indifference between actual fact and your belief is the issue.

  2. by Indy! on December 19, 2023 9:38 am

    I think all of us will grant you the lowest common denominator fact that ALL the mainstream media outlets are 100% in Israel's corner and will gladly repeat all their lies to get their paychecks every week. This is exactly what I've been saying about all major media being rightwing.

  3. by oldedude on December 19, 2023 1:29 pm
    So the videos of the atrocities are a lie then.🤔 And that Doctor's testimony and story are a lie.🤪 gotcha🤣

  4. by Indy! on December 19, 2023 3:11 pm

    Another perfect example of you trying to put words in my mouth that were never there.

  5. by oldedude on December 19, 2023 3:51 pm
    That's the only other thing it could be. You're accusing everyone of lying about what happened, so the only alternative is that it didn't happen. Period. You're mocking all the evidence, so you're being complicit. It really is that simple.

  6. by Indy! on December 19, 2023 7:41 pm

    Only to someone as "simple" as you, Old Dud.

  7. by oldedude on December 19, 2023 9:25 pm
    I'm one that looking at both sides. If you'd been actually reading, you'd know that. You're nothing more than a simpleton. You've been drawn in by your butties and are fully, and blindly following them. You "claim" to be an independent "thinker." Nothing could be further from the truth. You're a clown. that MF that's put on at intermission that no one cares about. And you always will be. Nothing.

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