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Crime selectors, pages, etc.
“Immensely Invisible”: Immigrant Women in ICE Jails Face Sexual Abuse Despite Reforms, Report Reveals
By Donna
July 22, 2023 5:46 pm
Category: Crime

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Human trafficking and slavery are huge problems no doubt. There's also sexual abuse that has been going on inside of ICE detention facilities for many, many years.

Disturbing video report at the link below. Link also includes a full transcript.

From the report:

MARIA HINOJOSA: Amy, you know, we are journalists. The work that we do is actually to serve. And we believe, in our work, that when we put sunlight, when we put sun — right? — when we uncover something, that's because we believe we live in such an advanced democratic country, that we believe things are going to get better. And they don’t. In this particular case, on the question of people — men, women, children — in this case, we’re reporting about women — being sexually abused continuously at government-run immigrant detention centers, consistently gets worse, actually. It doesn’t get better.

One of the things that we uncovered with this piece with Zeba Warsi from the PBS NewsHour is that one of the things that ICE is trying to do is to use transfers — this is a term that now you’re going to begin to hear more about, those of you who care about this kind of reporting — transfers as a way to deal with immigrants and refugees who are making complaints, or transfers in order to deal with one immigrant detention center that is shut down because of abuse, and then people are transferred to another detention facility, where they are said, “Now you’re going to be safe. Now you’re going to be safe,” or, “You’re going to be transferred from one to another, and now things are going to get better.” In fact, we have seen that it’s a form of punishment. It’s a way of shuffling off the problem, not dealing with the problem.

Amy, as you know, we have been friends and colleagues for decades now. And when I uncovered the abuse in the Frontline in 2011, it was horrific. Senator Dick Durbin goes on the Senate floor and says, “Because of the Frontline, that is why PREA, Prison Rape Elimination Act, must be offered in immigrant detention facilities.” And here we are, uncovering yet again that ICE investigates itself. What is that? They’re investigating themselves.

And finally, we have a very specific case of women coming forward, taking agency — which is part of our investigation, right? — is that they are not just victims, but they’re also taking agency, speaking up, complaining about one male nurse, who, as far as we know, has not lost his license and who sexually abused them continuously when they were seen — the nurse — when you’re in a vulnerable — just like the cut that we just heard, which is horrific. When women refugees and immigrants are at their most vulnerable, this is when they are being exposed to being abused by medical personnel. It is horrific, Amy. I had to go into a whole other series of therapy because of this exposure yet again.

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "“Immensely Invisible”: Immigrant Women in ICE Jails Face Sexual Abuse Despite Reforms, Report Reveals":

  1. by oldedude on July 23, 2023 4:26 am
    I'm actually shocked they have to have a "law" saying you can't sexually abuse and rape Immigrants.

    The persons doing this need to be found out and charged just like any other officer of the law that uses their position of power to abuse others. Period, end of story. My guess is this is also going to be federal time, unless they're state employees. Also, five years in prison would be a death sentence. They should know that already, and not argue the consequences. These are the bad apples that need to be taken out of the basket.

  2. by Donna on July 23, 2023 10:15 am

    ICE is kind of doing the reverse of what the Catholic Church has been doing for decades, possibly centuries, to hide child molestation by priests where in an effort to hide their crimes, they shuttled the perps to different locations as opposed to the victims.

  3. by oldedude on July 23, 2023 1:58 pm
    This is one of those things that screams this is a "cultural norm." If that's true, many heads will roll from this. And I'm not even sad. This is something many people knew and no one did anything about. It also speaks to the morale within the agency.

    Donna- Just a question and I know you don't have the answers...
    I know they repeated the term ICE. I'd like to know if it was specifically within ICE? or USBP? or from USBP to an ICE facility? The reason I ask is this would tell us the depth of "how" this is happening. Is it the culture of USBP? or ICE? or both?

    Obviously, changing locations is a thing. I'd like to figure out if there are specific reasons for doing the exchanges. e.g. If the ringleader is in camp A, and all the "inmates" with a certain value end up there, that could tell you about the organization without having to interview anyone. Who is transferring the individuals? is it the same folks? Who accepts them? The same folks?

    They need someone to look at this that can't be bribed, coherced, etc. I honestly don't have a clue whom that would be right now.

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Comment on: "“Immensely Invisible”: Immigrant Women in ICE Jails Face Sexual Abuse Despite Reforms, Report Reveals"

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