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Gay & Lesbian selectors, pages, etc.
Transgender people who've had SRS 19 times more likely to commit suicide
By HatetheSwamp
July 6, 2023 8:17 am
Category: Gay & Lesbian

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This came up in a separate thread. I'm merely following through.

I noted, to Donna, watching the Megyn Kelly podcast a few weeks ago, in a discussion of gender issues, that her authority on the subject noted that transgender people who have had SRS have a 19 times higher rate of suicide.

I wanted to provide a link to that information and I knew I could find the podcast episode but her episodes are 100 minutes long and watching long enough to find the passage was more than I wanted to do.

This morning, YouTube offered me that clip for suggested viewing. Scary. The video is 7+ minutes and it's all on topic, really. But at about 4:00 it gets to the specific point.

Also, I'm linking to a scholarly article that makes the exact same point.

In a discussion of the largest and most robust study—the study from Sweden that McHugh mentioned in the quote above—the Obama Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pointed out the 19-times-greater likelihood for death by suicide, and a host of other poor outcomes:

The study identified increased mortality and psychiatric hospitalization compared to the matched controls. The mortality was primarily due to completed suicides (19.1-fold greater than in control Swedes), but death due to neoplasm and cardiovascular disease was increased 2 to 2.5 times as well. We note, mortality from this patient population did not become apparent until after 10 years. The risk for psychiatric hospitalization was 2.8 times greater than in controls even after adjustment for prior psychiatric disease (18 percent). The risk for attempted suicide was greater in male-to-female patients regardless of the gender of the control. Further, we cannot exclude therapeutic interventions as a cause of the observed excess morbidity and mortality. The study, however, was not constructed to assess the impact of gender reassignment surgery per se.

Just for the sake of keeping the conversation fact-based...

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "Transgender people who've had SRS 19 times more likely to commit suicide ":

  1. by Donna on July 6, 2023 8:40 pm

    Interesting piece at the link below. From it:


    Shelton was correct to say that research shows that transgendered people who have had sex reassignment surgery had a suicide mortality rate later in life that was roughly 20 times higher than the non-transgendered population.

    However, it is also possible some viewers may have been left with the impression that the study showed sex reassignment surgery causes a higher risk of suicide later in life. That is not what the Swedish study showed. In fact, the researchers wrote that things might have been even worse without sex reassignment.

    Nevertheless, there is lack of research on the topic and his comment appears to be based on one study from Sweden. – Kairi Kõlves

    And as I said on another topic thread, I lost my best friend, my younger brother, because of my transition. In fact he has had nothing to do with me for 25 years.

    I can imagine that there are some TGs who wouldn't be able to handle that and would take their own life. It was really hard for me to work through.

    Btw, I've known numerous TGs, but I've never personally known one to commit suicide.

    Being TG is indescribably difficult to handle whether or not you've had SRS, and there's no study to my knowledge which concludes that the suicide rate for a post-op TG is any higher than for a non-op TG.

  2. by Ponderer on July 7, 2023 10:37 am

    As I have said before, no one who isn't really transsexual should transition or get SRS.

    In my early transition days I facilitated a support group at our local gay and lesbian center. There were usually about a dozen regulars and others that would come and go. There were some of them that even I could tell weren't really good candidates for transition, let alone reassignment surgery.

    There was one regular I recall who never even came to the meetings in "girl mode" and hadn't even started with a therapist yet. Poor thing was never going to "pass", even with millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery and a voice box transplant. But she declared one day, "If I can't get SRS someday soon I'm gonna kill myself." Believe me, from everything we heard about her life, her supposed transgederism was the LAST mental issue she needed to address. To this day, I hope she never tried to go through with it.

    Another gal who only came for a few sessions was "semi" post op, meaning she only had her testicles removed. A state I share with her, BTW. She seemed quite fine and normal, until we heard her story of how she got the orchiectomy. She had it all planned out and when her family was away for the day, she took her .22 rifle and managed to blow one of her testicles off. She said she couldn't even feel it at first and thought that she might have missed. She hadn't. She told the police and paramedics that she was cleaning her gun and it went off (Not that anyone could figure out how you clean your rifle with the barrel resting on one of your testicles. They all figured it was a botched suicide attempt). The doctors were sorry that they couldn't save the other one, but she was rather happy with the situation. It was her way of starting her transition without really coming out. But I'm guessing she had other mental problems to boot.

    A close friend at the time told me the story of when she got her SRS at a clinic in Canada. The doctor was one of maybe four or five in the world whose name probably every TS in the world was familiar with back then. The clinic had a van that would pick up patients at the airport and take them to the clinic. My friend told me that as the van with her and three or four other patients was traveling down the freeway to the clinic, the gal next to the door suddenly swung it open and leapt out of the van, killing herself pretty much instantly. Who knows what torturous mental demons she was dealing with, but she was obviously not ready for, or even a good candidate for SRS.

    No one should ever get SRS without going through a rigorous and well established evaluation period to assure that it's the right course of action.

    It's really that simple.

  3. by HatetheSwamp on July 8, 2023 3:07 pm

    As I have said before, no one who isn't really transsexual should transition or get SRS.

    Bang on, po, and, if I understand the anti-TQ LGB movement, its cconcern is that so much indoctrination is taking place, particularly in public schools and often behind parents' backs, that minors are facing pressure from untrained, idealistic trans-phile activists. The result is that minors are being prescribed drugs and even undergoing surgery when they are valid candidates.

    I'll say again. Almost no one hates transgender people and nearly all of us think transphobia is disgusting.

    What an increasingly large number of people oppose is the woke trans political agenda and trans ideology.

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Comment on: "Transgender people who've had SRS 19 times more likely to commit suicide "

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