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Gay & Lesbian selectors, pages, etc.
Americans Are Becoming Less Accepting of Same-Sex Relationships, Poll Shows
By HatetheSwamp
June 23, 2023 6:07 am
Category: Gay & Lesbian

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Just for fun, Google the topic. Say. "approval of same sex relationships." Check out how the SwampMedia is handling this unhappy truth. It's all based on results of a recent Gallup poll, completed in May, ahead of "Alphabet" Pride Month.

Even pb's surprised.

The number of Americans supporting same-sex relationships has dropped from 71 to 64 percent compared to one year ago, with more people thinking it is not morally acceptable, according to a new Gallup poll...

The fall in the number of Americans who think that gay and lesbian relationships are morally acceptable—down seven percentage points—was the most significant in the entire list of issues on which Gallup questioned respondents.

And, po won't be able to blame po's favorite hate-target, "Christian theocrats" because the number of Christians is declining at an exponentially increasing rate. So, wassup? As the influence of Christianity dies out, approval of same sex relationships declines. Curious. I know several of you are Christophobes. That don't fly this time.

I'd love your theories.

The article, not the poll, links the trend to the legislative efforts to "some LGBTQ+ rights" but there is no effort to limit LGBTQ+ rights. What there is a growing anti-TQ movement, centered in opposition to the trans political agenda and trans ideology.

Fair-minded Americans hate the idea that men can claim to identify as a woman and use women's bathrooms and locker rooms...and gawk, if they choose. Heck, rape. It's happened. Americans hate that. They hate men competing against women in sports. They oppose public school teachers and administrators creating policies permitting lying to parents about trans and queer issues. They hate all governmental efforts to intrude on the right of parents to raise their children...

pb's theory? An anti trans and queer Domino Theory. Trickle, uh, up?, opposition to woke trans politics.

I think that LGBs get that. What can better explain the rapidly growing radical anti-TQ LGB movement that is exploding in numbers and in ferocity. I pointed out last Pride Month that there were clear signs that the LGBTQ coalition was crumbling. It is. With good reason.

The marriages of plain old gays and lesbians are less accepted today than they a disturbing degree. A year ago, who saw that coming!!!!!?

Throughout my Pride Month posts, I have pointed out that these trends don't mean that transphobia is increasing. People don't hate trans people. But, they viciously oppose the trans political agenda and trans ideology...which are woke.

I've repeatedly admonished po to repent of the woke politics. When you do, po, Donna, all trans people, all will be copacetic.

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Comments on "Americans Are Becoming Less Accepting of Same-Sex Relationships, Poll Shows":

  1. by oldedude on June 23, 2023 5:38 pm
    I haven't seen any evidence of this. But I used to live in CO, and now live in FL. So there's a lot of libertarians in both places.

    My biggest issue is being raked over the coals by someone who wants to be called something different than what they appear to be. Is a "ma'am" a "sir?" I don't really know what they want to be called, and with the mixup, and repercussions, do I just be rude? I could say "you. thing behind the counter." Surely, it's gender neutral, and it also violates my senses of dignity to another human being. Having seen one(maybe?) picture maybe of Donna, that would be "ma'am." but others are far more ambiguous, and if you screw it up (teacher got fired for not going with a 9 year old's "kitten" fetish and wanting to be addressed as such). What could they do to my fixed income?

    I'm thinking this is an issue. And again, isle mocked this but we're seeing more and more instances of the political hard push one way, and whomever it does that is "shocked" by the move of equal anger and resources against them.

    It's very common in my region to be polite by calling women by "ma'am" and addressing them to my 2 year old (so he learns to be respectful towards other humans) as Ms Nicole, or Ms Heather, etc. These are signs of respect to women and being raised properly in locals in this region. Especially for kids to call adults.

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