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pb Identifies Two Signs that the Tide may be Turning against Trump in the GOP
By HatetheSwamp
July 28, 2021 10:55 am
Category: Politics

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I promised a brief pb position paper on Trump.

The compelling reality with Trump is that pb really does despise Trump. pb thinks Trump is despicable.

pb has ALWAYS voted against Trump...except when the alternative was Hillary and that perverted and demented doddering old fart from Delaware.

And, pb thinks that he's typical of more than a few GOPs. pb thinks that Donald Trump is a necessary evil for people of the antiSwamp.

In 024, among all the candidates who may seek the GOP nomination, Trump will be almost pb's last choice.

Here's the thing: pb sees some signs that the Trump magic in the GOP may be weakening. Two in particular from the past week.

One of them is this Texas 6 race that was settled yesterday. Trump tried his dernedest to determine the winner and he failed. Understand, this was not a GOP primary. It was an election for the House seat. Dems voters were voting, too. But, the point is that Trump attempted to dominate the election...and he failed.

The other sign is that Arizona rally last Saturday. I always watch the events involving Trump on YouTube on RSBN. I watched what I watched on Saturday, again on RSBN.

I linked to the RSBN coverage here and, in the thread that accompanied, I pointed out that the RSBN coverage of Trump's Ohio rally a few weeks earlier drew over 2 million views. I predicted confidently that the Arizona event, not exactly a rally, would have over 1 million views.

I was wrong.

The total was approximately 450,000...less than half a million.

It's hard to judge too much from one Saturday event at the height of the summer, but Trump underperformed on Saturday.

There's reason to begin to suspect that Trump may be in trouble in the GOP.

pb is not going to predict that yet but allow pb to be the first to make this point on SS.

It's common for people who don't support Trump to be deranged...insane. And, there's more than enough of that here. But, pb doesn't have TDS and pb is seeing hopeful signs that the Trump era may be ending.

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Comments on "pb Identifies Two Signs that the Tide may be Turning against Trump in the GOP ":

  1. by Curt Anderson on July 28, 2021 3:10 pm
    It's taken you a while to realize what I and others here have been aware since Trump lost the election. (Yes, I know you don't accept that Trump actually lost.)

    Here's another example of Trump's waning influence:
    "Donald Trump tried and failed to pass an infrastructure bill so many times over the course of his presidency that his attempts were reduced to a punchline. Now out of office, Trump is trying to ensure that his successor, Joe Biden, suffers the indignity of the “infrastructure week” jokes as well.

    The former president has sounded off repeatedly in the past week about the negotiations taking place between Senate Republicans and Democrats on the Hill and in the White House. He’s encouraged GOP lawmakers to abandon the talks and criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for even entertaining them. Senate Republicans have said, in interviews, that they have directly asked the former president not just to tone down his criticism but to actually support the infrastructure deal."

  2. by HatetheSwamp on July 29, 2021 3:33 am

    It never occurred to me that you have your finger on the pulse of antiSwamp GOPs.

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