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Government selectors, pages, etc.
Student loan debt relief
By Donna
June 18, 2023 7:55 am
Category: Government

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Indy posted the following on another topic thread:

Yes, I am aware of Biden’s latest lame excuse to not give students the debt relief he promised. Are you aware that one of the (unnecessary) “compromises” Biden gave his fellow Republicans during his debt ceiling giveaway was his promise that interest would not accrue on debt relief during the covid grace period for people who could not continue to pay? So he has not only chosen to not give students relief - his lie has cost them even more money. Not unlike his $2000 lie was actually only $1400 - costing everyone in America $600 they could have used during covid.

And no, I don’t think all Ds are corrupt. I know they are because I’m paying attention.

Yeah, people with student loans aren't happy about that happening after 3 years of paused payments which Biden and the Democrats enacted over objections by the Republican Party. The Vox article (link below) discusses this.

"As it stands, the Biden administration does not have any viable paths to provide student debt relief through Congress until after the 2024 presidential election. And the current Congress is actually hostile to any attempts.

A spokesperson for the president said on Thursday that Biden intends to veto the most recent attempt to block any loan relief: a resolution under the Congressional Review Act that would annul the administration’s student loan forgiveness plan and reverse the extension of the student loan pause passed the Senate Thursday with the support of independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana.

Through the debt ceiling negotiations, Biden did manage to neutralize the threat House Republicans posed to his student loan forgiveness plan and preserved the power to enact moratoriums in future national emergencies, while codifying the existing plan to restart payments and interest at the end of the summer, Adam Minsky, an attorney who specializes in helping student loan borrowers, told me.

“Between that deal and vetoing the Congressional Review Act resolution, Biden halted the two paths that congressional Republicans were simultaneously using to try to repeal any student loan forgiveness. That resolution would have retroactively undone the extension of the current pause and could have resulted in the credit from forgiven public service loans being reinstated,” Minsky said.

But that threat for future action of student debt relief from future Congresses still exists, Taylor said, and heightens the imperative for the executive branch to act where the legislative branch won’t."


Biden and the Democrats are the only ones in Washington doing anything about student debt relief. You're venting your anger at the wrong party, Indy.

As for the Dems failure to codify Roe, (from second link below):

The Women's Health Protection Act passed the House by a vote of 218-211, with every Democrat except Henry Cuellar of Texas voting in favor and Republicans unanimously voting against it.

It has 48 co-sponsors in the Senate, facing opposition from Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, both of whom describe themselves as pro-life. Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska say they favor abortion rights but do not support the Women's Health Protection Act.

Senate Republicans have also led a filibuster of the bill. It was blocked from being debated in February on a vote of 46-48, with six senators missing the vote.

So I don't know how you can seriously say that all Dems are corrupt, but I guess that's how it looks to the burn it all down people on the left, which IMO is a lazy take on what's actually happening.

The Dems have a majority of the votes, but don't have enough votes to overcome a Republican-led filibuster. I'm all for killing the filibuster, though, but some Dems oppose it out of fear that doing so could backfire on them.

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "Student loan debt relief":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on June 18, 2023 8:10 am

    I'd say that the Dem Party is corrupt and most of the GOP Party is corrupt. As I've been pointing out, the GOPs are the home of openness and inclusion, tolerance, acceptance and diversity and...FREETHINKING...but, even then, not much of it. There's some disgust with the dysfunctional DC political culture among GOPs. None among Dems. Are all individual Dems corrupt? In DC? It's likely.

  2. by Indy! on June 18, 2023 10:47 am
    Like all Blue MAGAs - you're forgiving your party for not even trying, Donna. When the Rs want something - they don't need the majority to get it. When the Ds pretend like they do - they give the weakest effort possible and then fold up shop as soon as someone in the audience says no. We've been over this many times - if Biden wanted the debt relief during covid - he could have got it simply by saying he was going to veto all that cash they handed to CONgress and other "business owners". I know someone who got $50K for simply saying her business was suffering from covid. Boom - easy peasy - go cash the check. But we can't help students who were duped into predatory loans? My college roommate has paid back his debt double now and still owes 2.5X what he borrowed. He will have student debt his ENTIRE LIFE and all Biden can do is pass a bill saying maybe someday - down the road - if we ever need to suspend payment again - we can? You're satisfied with that? Because THAT is the "lazy" way to think and govern imho.

  3. by Donna on June 19, 2023 7:57 am

    Well hopefully the Supremes won't kill Biden's student debt forgiveness program.

  4. by Indy! on June 19, 2023 11:01 am
    Well, in case you forgot - thanks to Biden, Hillary, Obama and the feckless Ds - we now have a far right Supreme Court willing to do whatever the GOP wants. They will shoot it down and Biden will go back to helping his rich friends and stuffing his mattress with MIC kickbacks.

  5. by Donna on June 19, 2023 11:13 am

    What did you want Obama to do about Mitch making up a Senate rule after Scalia died in Feb 2016 that forbade him from appointing a successor in a presidential election year?

  6. by Indy! on June 19, 2023 11:17 am
    The same thing the Ds can always do but never do - put the brakes on. The Rs get what they want by offering up something generally referred to as RESISTANCE. The Ds call themselves "the resistance" but what they really are is a bunch of weak puppy dogs who roll over at the first sign of push back. This is what tells us there is only one party - not two.

  7. by Donna on June 19, 2023 11:20 am

    How 'bout an example in this case of what you mean by "put the brakes on"?

  8. by Indy! on June 19, 2023 3:07 pm
    I don't remember exactly what was happening at that time, but not signinig off on the budget is an available option every year.

  9. by Ponderer on June 19, 2023 3:33 pm

    ? You made the "put the brakes on" remark in response to "What did you want Obama to do about Mitch making up a Senate rule after Scalia died in Feb 2016 that forbade him from appointing a successor in a presidential election year?". What does signing off on the budget have to do with that?

  10. by Donna on June 19, 2023 3:44 pm

    That ^^^^^ was mine.

  11. by Curt_Anderson on June 19, 2023 5:31 pm
    The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling on the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan this month. That decision will play a role in shaping the financial futures of 40 million Americans.

    If the justices greenlight President Joe Biden’s relief, many borrowers will immediately get $20,000 of their student debt cancelled – if they’d received a Pell Grant in college, a type of aid available to low-income families – and as much as $10,000 if they didn’t.

    The Republicans have an advantage over the Democrats. It's not because the GOP is tougher, smarter or better negotiators--they are not. Democrats want progress; Republicans resist progress and move backwards whenever they can (the Dobbs decision and state abortion bans, for example).

    Democrats are at a disadvantage because moving forward is harder to do than standing still or foot-dragging. Make America Great Again is all about retreating into the past. Republican candidates often brag about legislation that they opposed and did not pass.

    To make an analogy that Indy might related to, coming up with a good, new graphic design or illustration takes skill, effort and perseverance. Any fool can cross their arms and say they don't like it.

  12. by Indy! on June 19, 2023 6:53 pm
    Good lord. Answering to Curt first

    1. We already covered that.

    2. Giving debt relief to students is no different than providing economic relief to business owners in the wake of covid (which was also already covered in this discussion, btw). If the Rs can get theirs - the Ds can get theirs (if they actually wanted it to happen... which they don't).

    So far as your analogy - it doesn't apply in any way. First off, the Ds haven't tried to move forward since LBJ. Secondly, the analogy would be coming up with a new design as opposed to reverting to an older design... which rarely (if ever) happens in graphic design.

    New design: Codify Roe
    Old design: Overturn Roe

    It would actually be EASIER to codify Roe. The Ds had MANY chances to do so and CHOSE not to because it would eliminate one of the ways they vote farm (see: 2022 midterms).

  13. by Indy! on June 19, 2023 6:59 pm
    Now Donna (or Ponderer or whoever else she's pretending to be now)...

    "Put the brakes on" is merely a figure of speech meaning "do something to retaliate". So McConnel says he's taking the Supreme Clown pick? Then the Ds have to retaliate if they are serious about getting their pick. They don't just say "Oh gee we can't do anything!" Like that pussy Obama did. They have to say "Then you get NOTHING until we get the pick". Nothing moves. Everything is filibustered. If there is a budget vote - it doesn't happen. All movement is suspended and everytime someone asks a question about it - the Ds say one thing and one thing only "We're only voting on Obama's Supreme Clown pick"

    End of story.

    Government suspended.

    Checks bounce.

    People get mad.

    Mitch gets the message.

    This is how politics actually work in non-corrupt, viable governments around the world.

  14. by oldedude on June 19, 2023 8:35 pm
    It would actually be EASIER to codify Roe.

    That's already been a states' rights issue. Remember the sheep trying to murder a SCOTUS judge? Regardless of what curt gives reasons, excuses, or justifications for, he was charged and trial is pending for attempted assassination of a SCOTUS judge.

  15. by HatetheSwamp on June 20, 2023 3:04 am

    Democrats want progress; Republicans resist progress and move backwards whenever they can (the Dobbs decision and state abortion bans, for example).

    C'mon man, Curt, gimme, as po'd say, an EFFIN break!

    How is supporting that ANY issue being regulated "by the people and their representatives" IN A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, be a move backwards!!!!!? You need to splain how what you think about progress ain't simply the fulfillment of your yearning to make 1984 in your own lifetime.

    Truth?: Your definition of wanting progress is to agree with you. How very po-like.


    Curiously, Curt, I was thinking, following Indy! and you, on another thread, that you are precisely, as OD would say, pure progressive limousine lib white middle-class sheeple, and no one makes that more clear than Indy!, with his aggressive cynicism about our dysfunctional government.

  16. by Indy! on June 20, 2023 1:54 pm
    The problem with Curt and the other... ahem... "lefties" on this board is they are not exposed to any leftist ideas at any time in their lives any more. They're still watching Rachel and reading (good lord) Vox and believing they're getting views of the left - not corporate America talking points where they actually originate for those sources. That's why they have no concept as to what's going to happen to Biden in 2024. I bet they believe the future of the Democratic party lies in candidates like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg as well - two people hated with a passion by true progressives.

  17. by oldedude on June 20, 2023 7:21 pm
    Lead- It used to be called WASP, is now called WASA (agnostics) for the sheep. All white sheep (ZERO BLACKFACE), and totally secure into themselves being fleeced routinely.

  18. by oldedude on June 20, 2023 7:37 pm
    Well hopefully the Supremes won't kill Biden's student debt forgiveness program.

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