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Sports selectors, pages, etc.
MLB has told teams not to wear Pride-themed uniforms ‘to protect players’
By HatetheSwamp
June 16, 2023 3:58 am
Category: Sports

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Last June, I posted that I was picking up on the fact that there was trouble in LGBTQ paradise. During May 023, I entered a few posts suggesting that this year's LGBTQIA+ pride celebration would be interesting. Even I had no idea.

Gays Against Groomers, the most prominent anti-TQ LGB group, AKA GAG, is adding new Twitter followers in droves. The LGBTQ coalition may be crumbling but a new anti-TQ LGB coalition is forming rapidly. One common characteristic of anti-TQ LGB groups and activists is that they absolutely HATE Pride Month. They see it as exposing everything they oppose more than straights do, particularly trans and trans-phile grooming of children and Q, i.e., drag, obsession with exposing children to queer perversion. If you think po's "MAGA Republican" "Christian theocrats" hate drag queens doing their thing around kids, check out GAG and other anti-TQ LGB groups and activists! Oy freakin vey!

Jaimee Michell, founder of GAG, ran a Twitter poll on her private Twitter page asking which people prefer: LGBTQ or LGB without any association with TQ. The result was stunning. 95, as po'd say, EFFIN percent chose seeing LGBs jettison TQs.

Before this Pride Month, I told po what I think the real issue is and it's not that the rest of the world hates trans people. It's that the rest of the world HATES woke trans-ism, i.e., the trans political agenda and trans ideology. I pointed out that Caitlyn Jenner is beloved and accepted at Fox. Jenner has been a Fox News contributor in the past. I invited po to drop the woke social philosophy and be embraced by the rest of the world. po angrily declined.

Anyway, here's another way that Pride Month 023 is becoming a woke disaster:

Instead of having a uniform Pride night across the league, Manfred felt those decisions were best left up to the teams that knew their markets and locals better than Major League Baseball.

Of the 30 clubs, 29 of them are holding some variation of Pride celebrations this season with the Texas Rangers being the only team not to, according to OutSports.

How professional sports franchises have handled Pride-themed nights has become an increasingly controversial subject and Major League Baseball is no different.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been embroiled in controversy surrounding their Pride Night this year when they upset both Clayton Kershaw and Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams over the team’s decision to include the controversial group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Last season, the Tampa Bay Rays had five players decline to wear Pride-themed logos on their jerseys.

The NHL also has been engulfed in Pride-related drama as three teams, including the Rangers, scrapped plans to wear Pride-themed warmup jerseys this year.

With the emerging anti-TQ LGB movement crushing the LGBTQ coalition, it'll be interesting to see what Pride Month 024 looks like, especially at the height of a presidential election.

Bottom line, this is really about the demise of the woke social agenda.

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Comments on "MLB has told teams not to wear Pride-themed uniforms ‘to protect players’":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on June 16, 2023 6:39 am

    Martina Navratilova:

    "Another disingenuous piece about trans athletes in sports- nobody is banned- they just need to compete in the category based on their biological sex, not based on self id. Also-lowering testosterone does very little- certainly doesn’t level the playing field- not even close."

    Just a reminder. pb has identified a three-headed monster that is opposed to...and, now is consuming the trans political agenda:

    1. Anti-TQ LGB groups and activists.
    2. Old-school Title IX feminists.
    3. po's "MAGA Republican" "Christian theocrats," or, the mommies and daddies and nannas and pappaps who simply want to raise their kids without government intrusion.

    Martina is a leading voice for the old-school Title IX feminists. Amazing. It took the trans political agenda and white, progressive limousine liberal trans-philes to unite GOPs and feminists! Baha

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