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Education selectors, pages, etc.
Florida Republicans pass school bills on pronouns, diversity
By HatetheSwamp
May 4, 2023 3:50 am
Category: Education

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So, gang. A year before Covid hit, my wife had a life threatening medical emergency. She experienced diverticulitis...and her colon punctured...allowing poop to escape into her abdomen. Bottom line, she had emergency surgery and ended up with a colostomy which was successfully reversed a few months later and all has been fairly well. Still, there have been complications resulting from the surgery. Yesterday, she had more surgery, reasonably minor surgery by comparison, to deal with some of the complications. The surgery was serious enough to require general anesthesia.

The hospital offers to send texts to the patient's caregiver during the surgery, so they did! And, what the hay?!!!!!


What a woke crime! My wife's preferred pronouns are she/her. The texts called her a "THEY!" Can you, as po'd say, EFFIN believe it!!!!!?

I wanna sue...but she doesn't want the trouble.



TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Republicans on Wednesday approved bills to ban diversity programs in colleges and prevent students and teachers from being required to use pronouns that don’t correspond to someone’s sex, building on top priorities of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The two proposals were given final passage by the Republican supermajorities in the House and Senate. DeSantis is expected to sign the bills into law.

The Senate on Wednesday voted to expand the law critics call “ Don’t Say Gay,” a major calling card of DeSantis, with a sweeping bill that prevents school staffers or students from being required to refer to people by pronouns that don’t correspond to the person’s sex.

It also bans classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation up to the 8th grade, legally reinforcing a DeSantis administration move to prohibit such lessons in all grades.

Republicans said the bill is intended to shield children from sexualized content and reinforce that teachers should conform to existing state curriculums.

As you know, I support Ron DeSantis for President. Proudly, enthusiastically. Still, this pronoun thing? To create a law mandating the use of pronouns? Can you say BIG BROTHER!!!!!? Baha baha.

I get it. It's for Florida’s state run PUBLIC schools. If this is challenged in court, I'm sure the state will win. The "people and their representatives" have every right to do this.

But, politically?, in purple states like my own Pennsylvania?, I think this hurts far more than it helps.

Considering what is happening with the economy under the stewardship of "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap?" I think this is going too far.

The 024 election will be about the economy. Social issues will not win this one. My guy Ron could whip the Flatulent Fool's scrawny butt making the case for what's going on with Florida’s economy compared to Joe's inflation and rising interest rates and high gas prices.

But, pronouns? Nah.

Too Big Brother.

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