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Trump's HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Texas rally
By HatetheSwamp
March 26, 2023 4:17 am
Category: Politics

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As you know, I despise Trump. I support Ron DeSantis for President.

Also, I didn't watch much of the rally. I didn't watch the speech at all, only the pre-speech commentary and interviews on RSBN.

Yo! The Trump machine is running on all cylinders. And, it got lots of attention, especially from the progressive SwampMedia. See links.

Among what's significant? Fox and Friends covered the rally...which it hasn't done since the J6 brouhaha. If you doubt that, check that with Curt and po who are more expert on what's on Fox than am I, bahahahahahahahahahaha.

One Trump line from the speech that Fox presented is Trump's new...old...line,

"They're not after me, they're after you. And, I'm standing in the way."

He actually first said that in 019 after his FIRST impeachment. How prophetic!

Interestingly, the RSBN reporters mentioned the line before the speech. Fox played the clip of that line from yesterday's speech, then praised it as being bang on.

It's brilliant. It's perfect...a perfect description of Joe Biden-ism!

Roman Catholic pro-life advocates oppressed. Moms and dads protecting toddlers and first graders from CRT and LGBT grooming have fibbies on their tails. Police officers and soldiers fired for claiming religious exemptions vaccine mandates.

Trump is right. Big Brother...the Joe Biden progressive coming after us.

I've been saying it. Trumpís going to win the GOP nomination. The first GOP Caucus is nearly a year off. At the moment, it seems disgustingly inevitable.

But, I've got to hand it to Trump. He's a master at capturing the spirit of the times. First, MAGA...Make America Great 016, when red and purple America was disgusted by Obama's Chicagoland political thuggery. And, now, "...they're coming after you...," with Trump standing in their way, in the wake of "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap's" Banana Republic Big Brother oppression of everyman.

Trump has turned Alvin Bragg and the Special Prosecutor. The Mar-a-Lago raid. All of that?, from now on, will amount to a Trump 024 campaign ad!

Trumpís a huckster but he's d@ng good at it. Based on his fast start, he may just win the whole shebang.

Then?, progressive SwampLovers? He will be coming after you! Bahahahahahahahahahaha.

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