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Hunter Gives In: (NBC) Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop
By HatetheSwamp
February 2, 2023 5:45 am
Category: Law

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So, Curt! Are you still denying that there's sumthin to this laptop thing?

The letters from Biden's lawyers asking investigators for probes into Rudy Giuliani and others is a dramatic shift in strategy for the president's son.

Among the letters, which were obtained by NBC News, was one sent Wednesday asking the Justice Department's National Security Division for an investigation into "individuals for whom there is considerable reason to believe violated various federal laws in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or disseminating Mr. Biden’s personal computer data," including Rudy Giuliani, who was Trump's lawyer at the time.

Right. Send daddy's corrupt DOJ against people seeking the truth about Hunter’s potential crimes! If it's come to that, my guess is that the Bidens know that they're in deep doodoo! Bahahahahahahahahahaha!

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Comments on "Hunter Gives In: (NBC) Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on February 2, 2023 8:54 am
    I would not characterize Hunter Biden’s legal strategy as “giving in”. Actually, I think he might have a pretty good case against the computer repair shop owner and buy extension others who looked at and published private information. Plus, as the saying goes: the best defense is a good offense.

    When I first heard that the computer repair guy had turned over Hunter Biden‘s laptop to the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani I wondered if that were legal. It certainly seems unethical. The claim that Hunter Biden forgot to return to get the laptop seems weak. The computer guy needed to make a good faith effort to return the computer, and Hunter Biden is a fairly well-known person. It shouldn’t of been too difficult to get in touch with him.

    Honestly, it freaked me out a bit when I heard the computer guy had poured through Hunter Biden’s emails and photos. I’ve taken a computer in to be repaired once or twice in my life and I certainly didn’t think they were looking at my personal information.

    Just because you give a computer repair person access to do something doesn’t mean they have access to everything. If you hire a plumber to fix your kitchen sink, you don’t expect him to be rifling through your wife’s dresser drawer, fondling her undergarments. I put that in for HtS as I know that’s a major concern of his.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on February 2, 2023 10:01 am


    pb means that Hunter gives in on denying it's his laptop...something, as far as I can tell, you haven't given in on.

    When I managed a Pearle Vision Center years ago, the law was, in Pennsylvania, that, after 6?, 12? months, if the glasses/contacts were not picked up by the customer, the item was ours to do with as we please. I'm sure Delaware has a similar law. Certainly, the Biden Crime Family Consigliere will verify that from the cokehead's personal records, baha, yeah. But, I doubt Hunter has a case there.

    In any event, what's to know about Hunter's shady business partners and deals has been investigated by dozens in the conservative SwampMedia and in GOP circles. House GOPs now have many ways to substantiate their case. Hunter probably could be given the laptop back without any damage to the political case against "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap."

  3. by HatetheSwamp on February 2, 2023 1:19 pm

    What a hoot:

    Hunter Biden’s lawyers deny admitting laptop's existence in demand for criminal probe into leakers

    Biden's attorney, Abbe Lowell, wrote letters to the Justice Department and the Delaware attorney general calling for investigations into Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and John Mac Isaac, who owns the computer repair shop where Biden is said to have left his laptop. Biden's lawyers also sent cease and desist letters to others who obtained and disseminated the laptop's contents.

    Despite the appearances, Lowell argues that Wednesday's letters do not constitute an admission of the laptop's validity. Biden's legal team says the versions of the laptop released to the public may have been tampered with.


    pb thinks Hunter's mouthpiece needs to make up his mind.

  4. by oldedude on February 2, 2023 1:44 pm
    I just "assume" that if I take a computer or phone in, my information is automatically downloaded to their stuff and doubt if anything on those are safe.

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Comment on: "Hunter Gives In: (NBC) Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop"

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