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Health selectors, pages, etc.
Joe Rogan scorches 'liberal robot zombie' phenomenon that brainwashes people: 'Canít think for themselves'
By HatetheSwamp
January 16, 2023 3:15 am
Category: Health

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This is what pb's been saying here for ages. It's a big part of what pb means when he points out that the GOP is now the party of openness and inclusion and tolerance and acceptance and diversity. When pb posts this he's always, ultimately, referring to the Dem party and, more specifically, to you who are progressive SwampLovers.

When pb publishes his list: Openness. Inclusion. Tolerance. Acceptance. Diversity...pb so adds the characteristic at the root of the difference between progressives and us antiSwampers, i.e.:


That's exactly what Rogan is saying.

Bingo, Joe!

pb often notes that all of the progressives here are sanctimonious in their attitude toward antiSwampers and GOPs. pb's of course, bang on. On the other hand, pb will admit to an increasing disdain for progressive SwampLovers...and, for precisely the reason Joe Rogan identifies. You have allowed have become "zombies."

And, as Matt McCusker says, it all about big government and big corporations, or, Big Brother.

Comedian Matt McCusker said the woke left has 'hijacked the definition of being cool' by convincing youth they must 'love government and big corporations'

Comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis jointed "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Saturday to talk about how media and academia turn people into mindless servants of the establishment.

"A lot of people canít think for themselves,...Not only that, but they have had jobs where they have been forced to, like, all day every day follow the rules, listen to the boss, be told when to show up, what to do, then you get into this drone mindset, and then it becomes an ideology that everybody in your business shares, and you have to share that ideology, or you get pushed out into the fringes of the social group."

Refreshingly, yet sadly, true.

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "Joe Rogan scorches 'liberal robot zombie' phenomenon that brainwashes people: 'Canít think for themselves'":

  1. by oldedude on January 16, 2023 4:44 am
    I think Joe may be moving on from "sheeple." Which is fine, although I will continue to use that term for many reasons. Dims have talked about snickering at the GOPs internal strife, because the dims don't do much of that. I agree. It's much easier for dims to fall into lockstep. I've mentioned several times about "the" talking points to be suddenly and profusely it/them repeated (on cue) here. Talk about dog whistles. I would be interested though, about how these folks get trained at the whistle. This is almost as fast as my mother's bridge club talking. And certainly, it's worth looking into the communications that are so fast.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on January 16, 2023 5:21 am


    I think many metaphors contribute to the understanding of the progressive SwampLovers phenomenon.

    To me, it's gutt-splittingly ironic that, on the same weekend, isle linked to that article accusing right-wing people of having an authoritarian mindset and of being intolerant of "complexity," and Joe Rogan were proving that it's the left who are robot zombies who've allowed themselves to be trained to be "mindless servants of the establishment."

    During the House GOPs' struggle to settle on its rules and elect a Speaker, our progressives were amused and aghast, not having the ability to understand why GOPs allow freethinking. Heck, not only allow it but value it.

    "Sheeple" paints part of the picture well. And, robot zombies?, I can't argue with that, either.

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