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Crime selectors, pages, etc.
The DIMS do it AGAIN! Leaked Personal Information From the Jan 6 Committee!
By oldedude
January 8, 2023 2:09 pm
Category: Crime

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Someone needs to be fired and charged with this. It's one thing if you send this to court, as a court document. They have the means to handle evidence. This was sent to open sources (like the media) meaning there were ZERO precautions taken to redact the numbers. This is not just an "oversight."

"Disclosure of Social Security Numbers by Individuals and Businesses"

With certain exceptions, the law prohibits the public disclosure of SSNs by individuals and businesses, other than the state, state agencies, or the state's political subdivisions. Individuals and businesses may not:

1. intentionally communicate or otherwise make available to the general public an individual's SSN;

2. print anyone's SSN on any card that the person must use to access the person's or entity's products or services;

3. require anyone to transmit his or her SSN over the Internet, unless the connection is secure or the number is encrypted; or

4. require anyone to use his or her SSN to access an Internet web site, unless a password or unique personal identification number or other authentication is also required to access it

The law does not prevent SSNs from being (1) collected, used, or released as required by state or federal law or (2) used for internal verification or administrative purposes.

The penalty for willful violations is (1) up to a $100 criminal fine for a first offense; (2) up to $500 for a second offense; and (3) up to $1,000, six months in prison, or both, for subsequent offenses. Willful violators are also subject to a civil penalty of $500 for each violation, up to a maximum of $500,000 per event (CGS § 42-470).

Social Security numbers of Trump Officials, Allies Leaked in Jan. 6 files

When the House Jan. 6 committee wrapped up its work in recent weeks, it posted hundreds of records online, including interview transcripts, audio recordings and text messages.

Also buried in the massive cache was a spreadsheet with nearly 2,000 Social Security numbers associated with visitors to the White House in December 2020, including at least three members of Trump’s Cabinet, a few Republican governors and numerous Trump allies.

While the spreadsheet with the numbers was taken down Wednesday, the high-profile nature of the people whose data was exposed probably puts them at an “elevated risk” because the information would be especially useful to intelligence agencies, said James Lee, chief operating officer of the Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that advises victims of identity crimes and compromises.

Lee recommended that people listed follow common tips for victims of identity crimes, including freezing their credit, using a multi-factor authentication app for their online accounts and setting up credit and account monitoring.

Exposed individuals don’t appear to have been notified about the leak. The Government Publishing Office (GPO), which originally published the file, did not respond to a request for comment on whether it planned to notify people whose Social Security numbers were exposed.

“To my knowledge, we were not notified. The governor was not notified,” said Ian Fury, a spokesman for South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R). Social Security numbers were listed alongside the names of Noem, her husband and her three children.

In a letter posted on Twitter after publication, an attorney representing Noem asked the White House, Government Publishing Office, National Archives and Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), who chaired the committee, to provide a detailed accounting of “how the breach of privacy occurred, who was responsible, what steps each of you has taken to remedy the breach, and what specific measures and remedies will be taken to protect Governor Noem and her family in light of the public dissemination of their private information and the heightened risk for identity theft and other future privacy violations.”

The lawyer, James E. Moore, wrote that the publication of the Social Security numbers violated the Privacy Act of 1974, a law governing the disclosure of information in federal systems.

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "The DIMS do it AGAIN! Leaked Personal Information From the Jan 6 Committee! ":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on January 8, 2023 3:14 pm

    And, can this possibly be a surprise!!!!!?

    The J6 Committee denied due process as a matter of course. It televised hearsay evidence. It refused to accept testimony that challenged its presuppositions. It was, in every possible way, a travesty of justice. And, praised by each progressive SwampLover here.

    This, without a doubt, is exactly par for progressive Swamp the course!

  2. by Donna on January 8, 2023 4:36 pm

    Yeah, that was obviously bad.

  3. by oldedude on January 8, 2023 6:24 pm
    I agree. Two things. First, I understand why that was subpoenaed by the committee. So that isn't the issue. I honestly wish someone would have checked their PII. That is nothing but obvious. Pages should have been marked and there should have been an evidence inventory list completed. I wish it hadn't happened. And the fact that it doesn't appear they told anyone when the article was written. My guess is that has been rectified by now, but man, what a pain!

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Comment on: "The DIMS do it AGAIN! Leaked Personal Information From the Jan 6 Committee! "

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