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Problems for OrangeMan in Pennsylvania

By HatetheSwamp
November 29, 2022 4:49 am
Category: Politics

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pb's been documenting Trump's problems with young traditional conservative GOP intellectuals, particularly the millennial, like the Guy Curt never heard of. That ilk has never liked Trump, but,...

...Lou Barletta!!!!?

It's a name you won't remember if you're not from Pennsylvania but Barletta's fairly important among Pennsylvania GOPs and he is a bit of a metaphor for who Trump will have to win again, if his 024 candidacy is going to develop serious traction. In temperament, Barletta is a bit of a Pennsylvania poor man's Ron DeSantis. Barletta was big for Trump in 016 but, by now?, not so much.

pb finds this interesting...and surprising. As far as the whole article is concerned, beware. This is from POLITICO, i.e, it's infected with TDS.

For years, Lou Barletta counted himself among Donald Trumpís most diehard allies. The former Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate and congressman endorsed him at a time in 2016 when many GOP elected officials saw Trump as radioactive. He served as the co-chair of his first presidential campaign in Pennsylvania.

Six years later, Barletta is finally disembarking from the MAGA train.

ďIím not supporting him,Ē he said of Trumpís 2024 campaign in an interview with POLITICO. ďI was one of his most loyal supporters in Congress. But loyalty was only a one-way street.Ē

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