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He who lives by the Trump dies by the Trump
By Donna
September 4, 2022 8:57 pm
Category: Politics

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Former GOP rep: Trump gave Democrats ‘major gift’ with speech in Pennsylvania

Former Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent on Saturday said former President Trump’s speech at a rally on Saturday night in the Keystone State was a “major gift” for Democrats.

“Most Republican candidates don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump in this general election. They want this to be about Joe Biden and the Democrats, but to the extent Trump inserts himself into this conversation, he’s giving the Democrats a major gift right now,” Dent said on CNN.

The Wilkes-Barre, Pa., rally was billed as support for Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano — but it was also Trump’s first after the FBI executed a search warrant at his Mar-a-Lago residence and recovered classified documents kept after the end of his presidential term.

“I am not so sure that the former President Trump did anyone any good with that speech tonight. Just by showing up in Pennsylvania, he is making the election much more about himself,” Dent said...

“Mehmet Oz I don’t think wants to be anywhere near Donald Trump in this fall election. It doesn’t do him any good. He needs to win swing voters and independents and some Democrats, and it’s hard to do that when Trump is really just playing and pandering to the base,” Dent said...

“If any member of Congress absconded with classified material, I can assure you that a G-man, somebody from the FBI, would have showed up at their homes and demanded that they return that information,” Dent said.

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Comments on "He who lives by the Trump dies by the Trump":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on September 4, 2022 11:30 pm
    Reportedly, there were 10,000 people at the Wilkes-Barre rally. Trump spent most of his time bemoaning his own situation and very little time touting Mastriano or Oz.

    I wonder how many rally-goers' votes Trump won for those two. This isn't a primary rally where there is a choice of Republican candidates. These rally-goers are pretty hard-right. Presumably they are predisposed to vote for any Republican candidates. If not, I don't think Trump changed any minds. I will be surprised if the Pennsylvania poll numbers change significantly.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on September 5, 2022 3:36 am


    You're suggesting you watched the Trump. C'mon man. Gimme a break.

  3. by Curt_Anderson on September 5, 2022 9:09 am
    I did watch some of Trump's address but not all. If you've seen one Trump speech you've seen them all and nothing he said was unpredictable. Incidentally your link to the rsbn network was shut down as I noted in another post so I watched some of it another news channel called news Nation.

    The world's least self-aware man criticized John Fetterman for being the beneficiary of family wealth. I don't know if it's true about Fetterman but it's preposterous coming from a guy who inherited about $350 million from his father.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on September 5, 2022 9:19 am

    Well, Fetterman was still living off of an allowance from mommy and daddy until a few years ago.

    Trump and Fetterman can both be phonies, eh?

    The remarkable thing about this speech is that is was so much same old same old.

    There were a few new zingers, especially, the, "You are the enemy," line to that crowd of grammies and pap paps. Perfect rejoinder to Biden’s ridiculousness.

    But, for the most part, it was, indeed, standard bs.

    How you came to be so familiar with Trump speeches baffles me.

  5. by Donna on September 5, 2022 12:00 pm

    I'm pretty sure that if I were under like nine active criminal investigations and the FBI had just retrieved a mountain of stolen Top Secret documents from my apartment that my ass would be in jail and not leading a cultist crowd of crazies in "U-S-A" chants in the middle of Pennsylvania.

  6. by islander on September 5, 2022 12:23 pm

    When the FBI was finally able to bring the murderer and gangland king Al Capone to trial, Capone had, just like Trump, many supporters across the country who imagined him to be some sort of hero that the government was "out to get".

  7. by HatetheSwamp on September 5, 2022 2:08 pm

    I just love coming to SS to watch the TDS.

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