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President selectors, pages, etc.
Yes, you can blame Biden for crazy gas prices—here’s why
By HatetheSwamp
July 2, 2022 2:54 pm
Category: President

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This editorial says it all.

If, 30 years ago, Joe Biden could have been transported to today to be shown that he is, by far, the least popular President in the history of polling and the moronic things he'd be doing to earn that ignominy, I think enough of his character to believe he'd have blown his brains out to save his country from this woke insanity.

US refineries are already operating at 94 percent of their capacity, with US refineries in the Gulf of Mexico running at 98 percent, which is the highest rate in 30 years. Running refineries at a higher capacity than that risks damaging the equipment. As such, Biden isn’t just wrong, he insulted some of the hardest working people operating in one of the most dangerous industries in America.

If Biden wants more American fuel, then he should allow the building of new refineries, right?

...on May 12, Biden’s Interior Department blocked a proposal to open up more than one million acres of land in Alaska for oil and gas drilling. Two days later, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency blocked plans to expand an oil refinery in the US Virgin Islands.

When oil and gas executives visited the White House in June, Biden snubbed them by refusing to attend the meeting. Instead, at the very same moment, he met with wind industry executives. A few days earlier, Biden administration officials signaled they may support a large new tax on the oil industry proposed by a Senator from Oregon.

All of this has soured the oil and gas industry on investing in production. “If you were an oil company,” a senior executive at a major US bank told me, why would you invest hundreds of millions of dollars into expanding refining capacity if you thought the federal government or investors would shut you down in the next few years? The narrative coming from the administration is absolutely insane.”

The problem is that Biden is in the grip of a pro-scarcity ideology that demands humankind return to relying 100 percent on renewables, like we did before the industrial revolution. But that’s a delusion. Solar panels and electric cars, which rely on lithium battery power, have indeed become cheaper in recent years, but that’s mostly because China uses coerced Uyghur Muslim labor to produce those batteries. If those technologies were made in the US by workers paid a living wage, they would never be affordable.

...when you fill up your car or truck, and you feel tempted to blame President Biden for high gasoline prices, go right ahead. Because it really is his fault.

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Comments on "Yes, you can blame Biden for crazy gas prices—here’s why":

  1. by oldedude on July 2, 2022 3:36 pm
    This is part of the "liberal global order." The idea is to make everything unlivable- Except if you get from the government. So we all have to be slaves to the government in our industries, petro, health care, schools (K-PhD) so all you receive is their view of things. You take their food, Take their guns, take their will, then take their children. Once we get there, it's easy to actually take the minds of the people. Until they decide not to.

    So instead of "freedom" we have a dictatorship. And it's too late to change it.

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