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Buh-Bye Bad Blues

By Donna
May 19, 2022 10:58 pm
Category: Politics

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Progressive Democrats have been picking up momentum as they knock off corrupt corporate Democrats one by one.


"Three years ago, we helped write a report for targeting 15 corporate Democrats in Congress who deserved to be “primaried.” We called the report “Bad Blues.” A common reaction back then was that those establishment pols were too strong and entrenched to be defeated.

On Tuesday, yet another “Bad Blue” apparently went down to defeat – with seven-term Congressman Kurt Schrader of Oregon running way behind community activist Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the slowly tallied Democratic primary.

Schrader is not the first “Bad Blue” on our list to face defeat by a progressive challenger. And he’s unlikely to be the last.

The incumbent heavily outspent McLeod-Skinner – thanks to lavish funding from big pharma and other corporate PACs – but Schrader was out-organized on the ground. McLeod-Skinner called him “the Joe Manchin of the House.”

The current vote count indicates that constituents in that Oregon district will no longer be represented by a Democrat who obstructs progressive initiatives on Capitol Hill, such as drug pricing reform and Build Back Better. (Despite his blockage of Democratic measures, Schrader was endorsed in the primary by Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.)"

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Comments on "Buh-Bye Bad Blues":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on May 19, 2022 11:10 pm
    Oregon just got a new congressional district after the last census. Jamie McLeod-Skinner knocked on our door campaigning four years ago when she ran for Congress. She did really well here in progressive Ashland but lost the election because of the rural section of the state to our east. She is in different district now.

    The bad news is that she is at a disadvantage in the general election in her conservative district. So the net result might be we lose a conservative Democrat and gain a wingnut Republican Congressperson.

  2. by Donna on May 19, 2022 11:32 pm
    Schrader's a Blue Dog. I think it's worth the gamble.


    Local Democrats called for him to resign in January 2021, after he compared former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment to a “lynching,” and lambasted him again a few months later for voting against initial passage of the American Rescue Plan.

    Schrader continued to draw ire at home for working to weaken the prescription drug reforms Biden had hoped to include in his domestic agenda. And when Gottheimer led nine House members to decouple infrastructure from Build Back Better, Schrader made the subtext of the move — that the group hoped to kill the Build Back Act entirely — into text by telling a dark-money group that other House Democrats shouldn’t “get [their] hopes up that we’re going to spend trillions more of our kids’ and grandkids’ money that we don’t really have.” Around the same time, he reportedly also called Pelosi “truly a terrible person.”

  3. by HatetheSwamp on May 20, 2022 4:20 am


    Congrats to all of you. May many more primary victories be yours.

    I was listening to that Guy guy, Guy Benson, the gay guy Curt's never heard of...the main man on Fox News Radio, just the other day. He referred to a chat he had with a GOP insider friend who warned him that GOPs shouldn't be over confident about a red wave in 022 because, his friend said, GOPs still could nominate unelectable candidates.

    Still, even the Dems know that the deck is stacked against them. From THE HILL:

    Congressional Democrats are trailing Republicans on the generic ballot in battleground districts by 8 points, according to internal polling from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

    What you're rejoicing in is what the GOPs fear might kill them in the election...

    ...then in governing.

    In purple areas, a candidate Donna loves will lose in November, unless the GOP puts up a crazed, super Ultra MAGA. Then, if you Primary a Blue Dog and win, you'll end up with so many radicals that in Congress, even if you get a majority, that you won't be able to govern...

    ...which is what happened to the GOP in 010 when so many Tea Party extremists were elected.

    So, go for it.

    On a much more important point, I've been splaining that the GOPs have become the party of openness and inclusion, that gay guy, Guy Benson being a prime illustration.

    You're demonstrating how the Dems are becoming so intolerant and closed. You're supporting the effort to make the Dems 100% woke and progressive.

    More power to you.

    May the Force be with you!

  4. by Donna on May 20, 2022 7:17 am
    You're a member of the party that coddles Nazis!


  5. by HatetheSwamp on May 20, 2022 8:06 am

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yes.

    I learned, more than a decade ago, that you're much better than I am...

    ...and that you only remind me of that when you have no other reply. I so wish that I could be as enlightened as isle and Curt and and po and you but, at my advanced age, obviously, it ain't happnin. Shucks!

    Trust me. 010 was a curse wrapped in a blessing for GOPs, having all those extremists from the Tea Party made it virtually impossible for GOPs to govern coherently...and, you're trying to replicate that on the left. You'll make your party so extreme that independents won't be able to relate to it.

    Back in 010, at the beginning, I thought the Tea Party was good for the GOPs. Those days are gone.

    As I said, may the force be with you!

  6. by Curt_Anderson on May 21, 2022 2:30 pm
    Here is some good news. The district that McLeod-Skinner apparently won, the 2nd, is competitive but leans Democrat. See map below.

    Incidentally, she is a 1985 graduate of Ashland High School.

  7. by Donna on May 22, 2022 9:03 am
    That's encouraging. We still have a long way to go to retain control of the House and Senate though. But it's not bad news.

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