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How Numerology Can Decode Your Future (2021)

By numerology2021
December 12, 2020 10:36 pm
Category: Education
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Everyone has their own problems and struggles in life. People try their best to solve it, but sometimes their hard work results in vain, since their fate and numerical vibrations are against them. The life of a person is decided on the day he or she is born and through numerology, we try to decode the challenges and predictions of your life through numerology analysis based upon your date and time of your birth.

This numerology report is a free complete name numerology report. We can also call it as a deluxe numerology report for 2021 since it gives a professional numerology reading about your life. Solve the unsolved puzzles of your life and live the life the way you want by understanding your real potential and threats.

You can learn about numerology, life path number, numerology calculator, numerology chart, name numerology and angel numbers through a section dedicated to meaning of numerology.


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Free numerology report provides you complete analysis of your life which helps you develop a bright future based upon your date and time of birth.

Life Path Numbers and Master Trails in Numerology

Proper names, house addresses, everything, absolutely everything, can be reduced to a number. In the note How to calculate the numerology of your name we gave you the keys to do the calculations (including the table of 26 letters with their numerical values ​​to apply to proper names). This time we will delve into another edge of this interesting branch of esotericism, which is Numerology .

The life lesson or mission is specified in what we will call Life Path , which is implicit in our date of birth.

Life Path: the sum of the date of birth
The day (sum of its digits when there are more than one, except for the master numbers, 11, 22, 33) indicates the natural way of reaction of the person.

The month (idem to the day) shows the characteristics of his personality.

The year (sum of the last two figures) indicates the climate around which the person's life will revolve.


Date: 27-4-1936

We add: (2 + 7) 9 + 4 + (1 + 9 + 3 + 6) 1 (we simplify 19 to 10, since we add 1 and 9, which gives 10, and then, there is 1) = (14 ) = * 5

Once you know your number ...
Life Path 1: It is action
The person must learn to put their original and creative ideas into practice. He has innate conditions of creator and inventor; therefore, you should not hesitate to display this ability. He is very individualistic and, given his ability to generate new methods of action, he cannot stand working under the orders of others. That is why you must tend to develop professionally, to be in charge of a business or to direct other people. The key to your learning is to develop your individuality in constructive thinking and action.

Life Path 2: It is cooperation
In this life you must develop cooperation, tact, diplomacy, and consideration for others, using your innate qualities of kindness and compassion. You should use persuasion and kindness in groups, without imposing your will; your success will depend on it. These qualities will show a calm, reserved, pacifist, conciliatory person, as well as analytical and careful, capable of collecting very good information, which can lead them to work with solvency in diplomacy, government or politics.

Life Path 3: It is creativity, expression, optimism
In this life he must learn to develop his expressive talent, be it in literature, essays, public speaking, foreign languages, theater, singing. You must bring out your creative abilities and imagination, your intuition, joy and optimism of living, a good sense of humor and sociability. They will be versatile and capable, with a bright personality, generous, impressionable, magnetic, affectionate, vital and energetic, with a curious mind, ambitious and with a deep desire to learn.

Life Path 4: It's work
In this life he must learn to work with precision, to be practical, reliable, objective, tenacious, meticulous, constant and effective; He must also learn to accept the indications of those who know more than him, in some work activity, and give of himself the best to achieve the task he performs. He is overly attached to routine and is very detailed, which sometimes causes him to lose perspective of the whole in the task he performs. The person is sharp, logical and penetrating, as well as frontal, since he will not skimp on adjectives to say what he thinks.

Life Path 5: It is freedom and change
In this life you must learn to adapt quickly to the different circumstances that arise, because you will tend to follow, with the same effort, more than one path. You must develop your capacity for versatility, your intelligence, your desired freedom and your imagination. Given this learning, we will see a person who is interested in traveling, doing new things, making changes and acting in unusual ways. He will be in contact with people of both sexes and he will not like the routine, at most, he will do a routine of his variety.

Get your free numerology report 2021

Life Path 6: It is responsibility
In this life, he must learn to seek the well-being of others, assuming effort and responsibility for education, home or family, developing tolerance and love. This will show us a person trustworthy and responsible in his work, for whom home happiness is his main goal in life, as well as that of everyone around him, being able to postpone his own needs to the welfare of others. Has the quality of being loving, pleasant, sociable, upright, generous, tolerant, perfectionist.

Life Path 7: It is reflection and the search for knowledge
In this life you must learn to develop your psychic powers, reflection and introspection and focus on a specialized field of work. This learning will show us a deep being, a thinker who will look for the why of everything. You will need many moments of solitude and stillness, to study, develop your intellect, or meditate and connect with the spiritual or nature forces. You will be reserved, intuitive, silent, perfectionist, studious, analytical, strong-minded, observant, curious, and enigmatic.

Life Path 8: It is power, whether material or spiritual
In this life he must learn to manage material forces and power, being able to do so through the organization and management of companies. This number is more of a business vibe than a professional one, so you must learn to be practical, efficient, observant, and analyst of human character. This will show us a person who will tend to be a leader in what he undertakes, who will be fair, balanced, persistent, shrewd, energetic, combative, ambitious, self-confident; They will have audacity, a fighting spirit, can be impulsive and extremist, have determination and generally do not fear anything due to their daring, which is based on the security they give their own judgment and discernment. You must learn to balance the strength of your spirit with those of matter, so as not to lose yourself in a lust for power or an inordinate desire for wealth.

Life Path 9: It's Idealism
In this life you must learn to develop your ideals for the benefit of humanity, loving and helping others in an attitude of service and kindness. You will have to develop maturity of spirit, since you are in a decisive stage for your evolution, for which you will have to learn to give without expecting anything in return and to detach yourself from your ego. You will show yourself to be compassionate, self-sacrificing, perceptive, sensitive, generous, intuitive, courageous, honest, charitable, and altruistic. He is also intelligent, active and imaginative, quick to understand, open, inspiring, revolutionary and full of resources.

Master trails: 11 and 22
They are test numbers, which will periodically be faced with moral and material problems and dilemmas that they will have to solve using the intuition and moral strength with which they have been endowed. In 11 and 22 they will have outstanding artistic and creative qualities that they can develop in any field they choose, they will pour out their infinite love towards their fellow men in an attitude of self-denial and dedication. They will need to evolve spiritually above anything else.

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