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Republican voters' confused and contradictory stances on Biden and Ukraine

By Donna
February 28, 2022 9:05 am
Category: Politics
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In sum, they believe Biden isn't being tough enough on Putin, yet their support remains weak on measures Biden has taken as well as measures he HASN'T taken such as sending American soldiers to Ukraine.

So they hate Biden but don't have any better ideas themselves.

If Trump were president now and he had responded to Putin's invasion of Ukraine exactly how Biden has, they'd be supportive of every measure taken, and their ratings on how well Trump has handled it would be through the roof.

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  1. by Donna on February 28, 2022 9:08 am
    Curt - Why is there a photo of a police car in my opening post?

  2. by Curt_Anderson on February 28, 2022 9:14 am
    You accidentally clicked on it when you wrote your article. You can go to your member dashboard and change or remove it.

  3. by Curt_Anderson on February 28, 2022 9:54 am
    To your main point, Republicans including their leader, Trump, are confused and have no good ideas on what to do about Ukraine. Look at this video of Trump rambling on about our bigger nuclear arsenal and Space Force.
    View Video

  4. by Donna on February 28, 2022 10:56 am
    I have no idea how to get rid of that picture. When I click on it from my dashboard, I'm given no option to delete it.

  5. by Donna on February 28, 2022 11:01 am
    I read Trump's comments this morning. All he has is bluster. No substance whatsoever. That kind of thing works with his crowd. The rest of us just shake our heads.

  6. by Curt_Anderson on February 28, 2022 11:12 am
    You are correct. I must have forgot to include image changing and removal in the author's edit function. I'll try to solve that issue. I did remove the image though.

  7. by Donna on February 28, 2022 11:42 am

  8. by Curt_Anderson on February 28, 2022 11:54 am
    будь ласка!

    Unlike a real programmer, I have to mess around with a trial and error approach.

    I just made it possible to remove an image by checking a box on your edit page. Changing it would make it more complicated for the member/author not to mention me as a programmer with limited ability.

  9. by Donna on February 28, 2022 12:35 pm
    Ще раз спасибі

  10. by Curt_Anderson on February 28, 2022 6:36 pm
    Here is another crazy idea from the mind of Donald Trump on how to deal with Putin:
    "If you take over Ukraine, we are going to sanction you, they say. Sanction? That is a weak statement. Putin says they've sanctioned me for the last 25 years. I can take over a whole country and they're going to sanction me? They're not going to blow us to pieces ... at least psychologically?"

    I don't know what to blow them up psychologically means but I suspect it involves copious amounts of cannabis. Out military will need to deploy the Space[d out] Force for this assignment.

  11. by HatetheSwamp on March 1, 2022 5:33 am
    At the same time, it reveals how reluctant many of those same Americans are to credit Biden for his response.

    Credit effin Biden!!!!!!?


    My sense is that, as other countries assume leadership in leading the response to Russia's atrocities...

    ...and private industry?... heck, Shell Oil is leaving Russia on its own,...

    ...since the constipated, addled geezer in the White House won't lead...

    ...the Flatulent Old Fool's approval will decline.

    What stuns me is that, in my viewing of MSNBC, the Roaring Bear from Delaware is being betrayed as an astute, military and diplomatic genius.

    I suspect that, Curt, you may actually share that view.

    Trust me. It's a minority a increasingly long shot.

  12. by islander on March 1, 2022 6:23 am

    While the little country of Ukraine might not be able to defeat the Russian military in a conventional war.

    As Zelenskyy said:

    "Nobody is going to going to break us"

  13. by Donna on March 1, 2022 10:36 am
    Hts: You accused Biden of not leading without saying what you think he should be doing instead. So what would you do instead?

  14. by HatetheSwamp on March 1, 2022 2:49 pm


    Between Curt and you, you've accused me numerous times of not saying what the Roaring Bear from Delaware should be doing and I've accommodated you every time.

    Look up my previous posts.

    Or not.

    You don't seem to be willing to think these days.

  15. by islander on March 1, 2022 4:20 pm

    Donna, if I recall, one of the many childish and immature things Hate did say was,

    "Id commit the Air Force and Navy and Id secure Ukrainian air space. Remember that? Id tell Vlad that if any member of our military were even injured by his forces, Id consider that his declaration of war against America. Ring an effin bell?"

    Of course that would be foolish and if anyone doesn't already know why, simply click on the link !

  16. by Donna on March 1, 2022 5:16 pm
    I remember when you posted what islander reposted, Hts. My question was what you would do differently NOW.

    I haven't heard anyone advocate for confronting Russia directly for the reasons cited in islander's article. I have to admit, though, that I would love to see the US do that.

    The problem with not taking on Russia directly is that it creates a situation where Putin could literally do anything he wanted in Ukraine. Right now he's firing missiles into apartment buildings for crissakes. We're actually going to allow that to continue? Where does it end?

    Here's a question: Do you think Putin would ever launch a nuclear missile at the US?

  17. by Curt_Anderson on March 1, 2022 5:54 pm
    This is not a criticism, but I recall last September you were not so hawkish as you sound now. You were worried that Biden would drag us into a new war in Ukraine to feed the military industrial complex as we had just left Afghanistan.

    My point being that Biden made the case against Russia so successfully that even YOU are ready to kick Russia's butt militarily. So it's understandable that so much of the world is against Russia now. I don't think any countries have publicly sided with Russia other than puppet nation or two.

    As Biden was making the case against Russia, Putin reminded me of a criminal defendant who with his obvious perjury from the stand incriminated himself.

  18. by Donna on March 1, 2022 6:05 pm
    I don't remember that. Are you sure that was me? It sounds more like a position that Indy would take.

  19. by Curt_Anderson on March 1, 2022 6:29 pm
    Donna, see your September post in the following link.

  20. by Donna on March 1, 2022 7:35 pm
    It took me a while to remember my mindset back then. The US had just ended its almost 20 year occupation of Afghanistan. I was a afraid that the US would seek out a replacement.

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