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Media selectors, pages, etc.
Jan. 6 committee requests Sean Hannity's cooperation
By HatetheSwamp
January 5, 2022 6:27 am
Category: Media

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Leave it to the House Dems to play fast and loose with the Bill of Rights or, at the very least, to push the envelope.

Jay Sekulow, counsel to Sean Hannity, told Axios, “If true, any such request would raise serious constitutional issues including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press.”

Right on!

The liberty of citizens just seems to mean nuthin to the people on the left.

Don't do it, Sean!

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Comments on "Jan. 6 committee requests Sean Hannity's cooperation":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on January 5, 2022 11:16 am
    Being a journalist isn't a license to commit or aid and abet crimes. A burglar who is also a reporter cannot rely on First Amendment protections.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on January 5, 2022 11:23 am

    I'm pretty sure that, in order to transcend the protections promised by the Bill of Rights, a court would require evidence of criminal activity. Since there's no evidence that OrangeMan committed a crime,...

  3. by Curt_Anderson on January 5, 2022 12:39 pm
    There were definitely crimes committed. Some 725 people have been arrested and charged. The overall crime was an attempted coup. Even if Sean Hannity is not charged with a crime he is not subpoena-proof because he's got to show on Fox News

  4. by HatetheSwamp on January 5, 2022 12:47 pm

    Bahahahahahahahahahaha, c'mon man. Gimme a break!

    I'll own that I'm not familiar with the crimes participants in the January 6 protest were convicted of but I'm sure that Rachel would still be cackling if a Trump supporter was nailed for participating in a coup.

    Please fill me in if I'm wrong.

    And, if there's evidence that Trump planned an actual coup. Send me a link to that.

  5. by Curt_Anderson on January 5, 2022 2:46 pm
    They called it the “command center,” a set of rooms and suites in the posh Willard hotel a block from the White House where some of President Donald Trump’s most loyal lieutenants were working day and night with one goal in mind: overturning the results of the 2020 election.

    “Journalism” isn't a magic wand you can use to block otherwise legitimate investigations. Not even the right to protect his sources [entitles] Hannity to refuse to testify about his advice to Trump surrounding 1/6. There’s no applicable privilege or immunity.” — Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) January 5, 2022

  6. by HatetheSwamp on January 5, 2022 3:32 pm

    Y'know, Curt, the carefully organized effort to overturn the result of fraudulent 020 election...not the US government...was well publicized. Rush had been talking about it, as I recall, since early December.

    The thing that we don't talk about here is the, admittedly slim, chance that it might have succeeded had the gathering at the Capitol not gotten out of hand.

    Were I Hannity, I'd make Liz subpoena me, have my lawyer attempt to quash it, and testify only if required to. Then, I'd whisper with my lawyer before I answered each question.

    And, I'd do it on principle for every member of the press..

    You need to take the Bill of Rights more seriously.

  7. by Curt_Anderson on January 5, 2022 4:01 pm
    Whether Hannity participated in a crime is not the issue. A witness can be forced to testify in court or Congress.

    Hannity had the right to answer every question by pleading the Fifth. But if a person is subpoenaed they are required to appear.

    "An individual who fails or refuses to comply with a House subpoena may be cited for contempt of Congress."

    "Contempt of Congress is when an individual intentionally interferes with Congressional action [including not appearing before Congress]. Congress has the power to restrain such individuals from interfering with its actions. It is a form of contempt, similar to contempt of court."

    "Federal law penalizes individuals who refuse to respond to Congressional inquiries, as 2 U.S.C. § 192 states that any person who is summoned before Congress who "willfully makes default, or who, having appeared, refuses to answer any question pertinent to the question under inquiry" shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a maximum $1,000 fine and 12 months’ imprisonment."

  8. by HatetheSwamp on January 5, 2022 4:22 pm


    However, in the US, citizens are protected from the intrusion of the government by the Bill of Rights. The freedom of the press is one of the liberties most prominently guarded from governmental by the Bill of Rights.

    In this setting, Sean Hannity ain't just anyone.

    Did you read the letter the Committee sent to him? Lizzy did everything she could to promise that his First Amendment protections won't be violated. But, this is where Nancy's decision not to allow GOPs to appoint their own members to the Committee.

    Sean has no reason to trust the Committee any further than he can spit Nancy.

    He's perfectly justified being as unavailable as he can possibly be.

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Comment on: "Jan. 6 committee requests Sean Hannity's cooperation"

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