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Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 10 What Yu Yu Hakusho Character are? results of 252 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Yu Yu Hakusho Character are?.

#1 29.8%
Hiei--I view others as mere obstacle in pursuit of my goals. However, once you have gained my respect. I am fiercely loyal, no matter what the cost.
#2 22.2%
Kurama --I am ever wise and a great fighter. I am generally soft-spoken, almost eerily calm, evenin the face of great adversity.
#3 11.5%
Yusuke---I'm a loner no one undrestands me exept for one person and I can coplain a lot. When push comes to shove, I work best in worst of situations.
#4 8.7%
Botan --I'm friendly, chipper and only "grim" when I have to be. When a task is at hand, I'm all business.
#5 8.3%
Kayko--i am a friendly, out-going, and intelligent,I am will liked by everbody. I am brave at the face of danger and not scared putting myself in danger for a friend.
#6 7.9%
Kuwabara --Kindness, arrogance, and strength all in one package. I have an unwavering desire to be the best and to help my friends.
#7 6.0%
Genkai-- I am the master at the spirit wave technique. i am one of the best fighter in the world and I have a stupid pupil.
#8 3.6%
Yukina-- I have an older brother. I am sweet, kind, and caring for others.
#9 1.2%
Puu--- I am cute little beast and I am a girl magnet.
#10 0.8%
Koenma --- I am wise and prince of the spirit world. I don't fight I make people fight my battles for me. I hate making my dad mad.

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