It's now easier than ever to create a selector.
Step One

Your first step toward building a selector, is to join As a 4me member you get your own page from which you can manage all the selectors you create. Plus you can save your selector results, rate and comment upon other people's selectors. You can also reply to comments and feature the selectors that you created. It's fast, free and easy to join. We don't ask any private or personal questions--we don't even ask for your name or email address. Just come up with a unique selector author name and your own secret password. Join now!
Choose between creating a yes/no or a multiple choice selector
  • Yes/no style selectors are our most popular selectors and the easiest to create. See an example. Create a yes/no selector.
  • Multiple choice selectors are more advanced and allow you to ask more and detailed questions. See an example. Create a multiple choice selector.

    New! Improve upon an existing selector!
    Using any of our more than 20,000 visitor created selectors as a starting point, you might be inspired to:
  • Add, change or delete questions
  • Add, change or delete results
  • Edit the wording
  • Improve the order of the results.
  • Make a new version of it in another language
  • Use this selector as a basis for a new selector on another topic.
    Just go to a visitor created selector and look for the little man with the idea lightbulb to get started on making your own version of that selector
    Is your idea a minor change?
    If your idea doesn't require an entire revision of a selector or a new selector, suggest a change to our editor. Perhaps you noticed a typo or a grammatical goof. Let us know by rating it and posting your suggestions in your review which will be seen by the editor and the public. Be sure to log in to your 4me account first. Or if you prefer post a note here being sure to include the name of the selector and your suggestion in detail. Your suggestion will be read and considered. If it improves the selector, we will probably make the changes.
    New! Build a flowchart!
  • Flowcharts are a visual device to guide people to options or other end points. See an example. Create a flowchart.