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(Note: All bolds, underlines, and italics are Lorie's. This page went live on or about 2/1/04. Watch for updates. The following sections were heavily revised in July and August 2004 to reflect my current understanding of the situation. Further revisions were made for clarity in subsequent months.)

[I have supporting evidence for all statements of fact presented on this web page.]

I certainly appreciate the humanitarian work that Donna Mulhearn and her team have accomplished in Iraq, and The Beloved Community's (TBC) efforts to raise donations to help children in Iraq. At the same time, I believe that donations should be treated with due diligence, respect, honesty, accountability, and transparency.

On May 3, 2004, I informed TBC that I would seriously revamp or even remove this web page if they would demonstrate accountability and transparency about their organization, and about the shelter project in particular. I have not seen this nor received a reply to this offer, to date.

I urge The Beloved Community to answer the easy questions outlined below. And, I invite anyone in the know to provide me with information to illuminate and clarify the situation and/or correct any misinterpretations on my part.

Why I created this page

Skeptical and troubled by several of James Twyman’s claims and activities around the theme of “psychic children,” among other concerns, I began to scrutinize some of those claims and wrote a strong commentary.

Afterward, I felt heartened to read on The Beloved Community's website and in their messages that TBC would be establishing and funding and sponsoring and building a children's shelter in Iraq, to be set up by Donna Mulhearn and her team of former “Human Shields” (peace activists) in Iraq: "The Beloved Community Children's Center" -- a truly noble cause in my opinion. However a deeper look left me feeling troubled, once again.

"The children's home that we are helping to sponsor" -- TBC's website

IN SUM: After reading various releases and other information, excerpts chronologized below, I realized there is no "Beloved Community Children's Center" in Iraq, contrary to James Twyman's many fund-raising announcements. Yet James Twyman has not retracted this assertion.

Is TBC funding or helping to fund any shelter "home" in Iraq? James Twyman's 3/13/04 angry message on this web page's board insists that Donna Mulhearn "runs the center in Baghdad," and that "the center is doing extremely well." TBC continues to raise donations for a "home" in Iraq, and purportedly visited this home in March 2004. TBC showed a photo at their "Emissary of Light" website of this visit entitled: "THE CHILDREN'S HOME THAT WE ARE HELPING TO SPONSOR." [3/5/06 Note: Even to this day, the Emissary of Light donation request page says: "...if you would like to donate to a specific project (for example, the children's home in Iraq), please indicate this in the box provided."]

TBC's contribution may well have gone toward funding for an after-school play center in Iraq that their friend Donna Mulhearn apparently helped establish (she reportedly needed $75,000, and TBC told me they sent Donna $10,000), but the evidence I have seen does not support TBC's claim that they established, or even helped to sponsor, a children's home in Iraq.[summary augmented 3/6/06]

By process of elimination

"Our Home-Iraq's" emergency shelter: In spite of TBC's apparent attempt to wire $5000 in November 2003, and apparent success in wiring $10,000 in February 2004 to Donna Mulhearn, their "Project Coordinator" in Iraq, TBC's funds did not arrive in time to help sponsor the temporary emergency shelter that Donna Mulhearn's organization, "Our Home-Iraq," set up in November 2003. (The Our Home-Iraq team had raised about (AUD) $50,000 before they arrived in Iraq.) By Donna's own reports, here and here, we learn that this shelter all but closed in January 2004 as the twenty boys were relocated to a new orphanage established by Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC). So, this cannot be the home that James Twyman referred to as the home that Donna runs that TBC is helping to sponsor.

Youth Aid Iraq: Helen Williams, a humanitarian aid worker in Iraq who worked with the "Our Home-Iraq" group, reported online that she helped establish the temporary shelter. After most of the children were relocated, Helen returned to Iraq, in February 2004, to keep the shelter available to a few older youth/young men who didn't qualify for the orphanage, and to try to redirect younger boys on the street to the new KSC orphanage. She established "Youth Aid Iraq" for this and similar purposes, which is not supported by Donna Mulhearn, or TBC.

The Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC) home in Baghdad: Donna Mulhearn's 6/24/2004 activities report indicates that Our Home-Iraq formed a "partnership" with the new KSC orphanage in Baghdad to relocate and work with the boys there. Donna does not report that "Our Home-Iraq," or TBC, helped finance this home or that she managed this home. Helen's online report indicates that this orphanage was already funded. So, this is not a home that Donna runs, sponsored/funded by Our Home Iraq, or TBC.

    [Note: Would you like to help the well-established Kurdistan Save the Children organization, including their Baghdad orphanage? You can donate directly.]

Peace Birds Art School: Donna Mulhearn reported establishing and funding an after-school play/art therapy school that opened May 1, 2004 called the Peace Birds Art School, operated by Childhood Voices. An online article from Donna Mulhearn says: "Peace Bird Art School is a project of our organization “Our Home – Iraq” and therefore made possible by the donations of individuals and groups in Australia and around the world as well as organisations such as The Beloved Community."

This program serves children of any economic bracket in a poor neighborhood -- an important service, but this is not a homeless shelter for destitute street children and so this cannot be the "home" that Donna runs that TBC claims they are helping to sponsor.

It appears that TBC attempted to but did not succeed in contributing any funds to Our Home/House Iraq's two-month emergency shelter. It appears that Our Home Iraq (and therefore TBC) did not help fund the new orphanage where the boys were moved. It appears that Donna Mulhearn, and therefore TBC, did not establish, fund, or manage any long-term shelter home in Iraq, let alone one on behalf of TBC. Donna Mulhearn reported establishing, with the help of TBC funds, a play/art center in Iraq. This is not a children's homeless shelter.

Nevertheless, TBC has solicited and continues to solicit donations for a home, a service for the most desperate and needy children in Baghdad.

Note: Some online articles/press releases that were published after the twenty boys were relocated convey that Donna Mulhearn founded and still finances an "Our Home/House" in Iraq as a long-term shelter, contrary to the evidence.

This situation begs some specific questions regarding TBC's shelter project:

(Note: These are queries, not allegations.)

  • Exactly where and for what project did donations to TBC for a children's home go? Donors were assured that 100% of donations for this project would go to feed and house homeless children in Baghdad.

  • How much money was actually raised by TBC for a children's shelter? Although James Twyman indicated to me that he committed $10,000 to run the shelter for a year, and TBC indicated to me that they disbursed $10,000 to Donna Mulhearn's account by March 1, 2004, more important is how much money was actually raised and provided to the recipients. This should include:

    1. On-going direct donations for a home in Iraq from their reportedly more than 110,000 strong email list, plus direct donations from website visitors. (If just 1% of their 110,000 strong list donated $20 each = $22,000; 10% = $220,000)

    2. Some proceeds from sales of their Spikenard oil for their "Mary Magdelene Experiment," as assured by TBC. (The goal was 50,000 participants; 1500+ participants completed TBC's online survey. The vials of oil sold for $20-$45 each. If just 1500 people purchased the oil from TBC, assuming an average sale of $30/person = $45,000 in proceeds. Even just 10% of the proceeds for a home in Iraq = $4500)

    3. Some proceeds from their Durango Film Festival fundraiser, as assured by TBC. (An article quoted a participant as saying that $3000 was raised for the home.)

Questions about TBC organization:

    What exactly is The Beloved Community of Ashland, Oregon?

  • Are they operating and organized as a non-profit organization or a for-profit business?

  • On what basis are they a qualified tax-exempt church and donations tax-deductible?

    TBC has asserted that they are a non-profit church. They have variously indicated that donations are tax-deductible (although this is not noted on their current website). A March 2004 article refers to TBC as a non-profit "foundation."

    (Note: In June 2004, James Twyman changed the Oregon registration status of The Beloved Community from an assumed business name, not denoted as non-profit, to an out-of-state non-profit "Corporation Sole," registered in Nevada since December 2002; this organization operates in Ashland, Oregon.)

    TBC's attorney, Duane Light, pointed out to me that churches are automatically entitled to tax-exempt status (a Mandatory Exception) without having to apply to the IRS and, as such, they do not have to disclose documents to the public as typically required of non-profit organizations in America.

    I replied that I realize churches are automatically IRS exempt from taxes in the U.S. without having to apply to the IRS, but I understand too that organizations are expected to substantially meet certain criteria as a church in order to qualify for tax-exemption, and it is not readily apparent to me, and perhaps not to many others, how TBC meets the criteria. I have not received clarification from TBC on this.

    He also informed me that they are a church with an IRC 508(c)(1)(A) "Corporation Sole" for managing assets. However, I cannot locate a section 508 or any other IRC section that allows mandatory exception for a Corporation Sole, per se -- but only on the basis of significantly meeting the criteria for a church.

    In the interest of transparency, I invite TBC to provide answers to the above questions on my bulletin board or to send them to me via email. (I have alerted TBC via email that I posed some simple questions on my web page.) Upon receipt of credible evidence supporting their answers, I will gladly remove these questions or publish their clarifications here.

    Links to information on the topic of Corporation Sole:

  • Facts and fallacies of "Corporation Sole" (or "Corporate Sole").
  • "Tax Benefits and Abuses of Having 'Church' Status."
  • What qualifies a church for tax-exemption.

A chronology of relevant excerpts:

Donna Mulhearn announced online:

  • October 14, 2003. A message from Donna Mulhearn: "Have you heard about Our House - Iraq? It is a project that some former human shields will be pioneering in Baghdad very soon. It will be a children's shelter which will provide accomodation in houses and day-to-day care for the many orphans and street kids ofBaghdad ..."

    Here is what James Twyman announced:

  • Prior to October 28, 2003 (? exact date). Notice on former Emissary of Light (EOL) website: Baghdad Beloved Community Center "I am very excited to announce that the Beloved Community is about to sponsor a center for homeless children in Baghdad,..." "Donna Mulhearn, who attended my retreat in Australia, will be establishing the center with the help of other friends in November. Donna was part of the Human Shield movement during the war and witnessed the devastation suffered by the Iraqi people. She is going back to help the children, and we will all be there with her." "In about a week I will let you know how you can support the Iraq children's project, which is so desperately needed right now."

  • October 28, 2003. James Twyman's list message: "As you already know, The Beloved Community is in the process of establishing a center in Baghdad..." "In November a team of peacemakers will travel to Baghdad to establish the center. We are renting at least one large house..." "One hundred percent of all donations will go directly to feed and house the children."

    An online article reported this, after interviewing Donna Mulhearn:

  • November 3, 2003. The Catholic Weekly Online: “We’ll be working with Iraqi partners who operate a state run orphanage (Dar Al Hanam). They’re going to help us to rent houses nearby so they can help us.” “We’re going to take initially the most vulnerable and at-risk children. Eventually, as we get more volunteers and support, we’ll open up more houses.” “All staff will be volunteers so 100 per cent of donations will go to the running of the houses.” “As we get more volunteers and more support we’ll open more houses.”

    Here is what James Twyman announced:

  • November, 2003. Notice on former EOL website: BAGHDAD BELOVED CHILDREN'S CENTER "As most of you know, we are in the process of establishing a center for homeless children in Iraq..." "I want to thank everyone who has so generously supported this project." "If you have yet to make a donation for the project, you can go to:"

  • Probably November, 2003. Current EOL Website notice: "The Beloved Community (is) sponsoring a center for homeless children in Baghdad, Iraq as a sign of peace and reconciliation. Hundreds of children in Iraq have been left homeless after the war, their homes and families destroyed. They wander the streets and are under constant attack. This home will provide a safe place for them to go. The center will be part of the new Beloved Community program called "The Reconciliation Project," which will train volunteers to serve the needs of peace and children in countries that have been impacted by violence."

    An online article reported this, after interviewing Donna Mulhearn:

  • November 29, 2003. Online news article by Tony Stephens (see link below): "Ms Mulhearn, a Christian pacifist, has raised the $50,000 from Australians. She will join nine others from around the world who went to Iraq as human shields and are returning to set up "Our Home-Iraq, a haven for street children in Baghdad.”

    Here is what James Twyman announced next:

  • November 30, 2003. EOL Website notice: BAGHDAD CHILDREN'S HOME "Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Children's Home in Iraq. We have received enough money to make this a reality and Donna is diligently working on setting up all the details now. The home should be set up within a couple more weeks, and we'll serve as many of the children as we can. We will keep you updated on the progress. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend this message of peace where it is needed most. Once again, thank you for your support. This is just the first of many children centers we intend to build around the world."

    An online article reported this message from Donna Mulhearn:

  • December 14, 2003. "Sunday Nights With John Cleary -- Postcard from Baghdad: Donna Mulhearn" (see link below): “Our Home” has established an emergency shelter for 20 street boys who were living in a burnt-out building in central Baghdad." "The project team is made up of international volunteers, Iraqi staff and members of the Iraqi community working in partnership." "Our Home has been assisted in its fund-raising efforts by "Muslim Aid Australia."

    December 25, 2003. Moonbright wrote this to Donna Mulhearn:

    Hello Donna,
    I certainly appreciate what you're doing for the children of Iraq. You are a brave soul with a huge heart.

    I read that this shelter was being set up by The Beloved Community, James Twyman's organization, and their website has a place to donate money, but I don't see them getting any credit for setting up the shelter or for donating a large sum of money for making it possible in the news articles that I read on the Internet. Just wondering why not.

    Moon Bright

    December 27, 2003. Donna Mulhearn's reply:

    Hello Moonbright,

    The reason is because none of the money raised by the Beloved Community has been used to set up the project.

    The shelter has not been 'set up' by the Beloved Community, but by a group of individuals who were in Iraq during the war who have worked hard in their home countries to fundraise for the project.

    To this point I have not received any money from the Beloved Community. Not one cent.
    We have set up and currently run the project from the money raised through countless dinners and fundraisers and donations of hunmdreds of people across Australia, and the UK. I spent about 3 months doing this work full-time as a volunteer before I came. An international N.G.O, Muslim Aid Australia, is also a significant contributer to the project.

    I expect that the funds raised by the Beloved Community will be used when we are ready to run the project according to the Beloved Community's philosophy.

    That cannot happen until some volunteers from the Beloved Community come to Baghdad to join me, because I cannot do it alone.

    Perhaps you could come to Baghdad to help??? (Cut two paragraphs of personal expression.)

    I'm not sure what articles you've read on the internet (perhaps you can tell me?), but you might not be aware of how the media work?? We can not dictate to a journalist what they put in a story. I often mention to journalists that the project will continue in the long-term as a result of funding from the Beloved Community, but those kinds of details rarley make it into stories.

    Perhaps you can do something about it by writing your own story and submitting it to the media?

    I find that taking action on an issue rather than complaining about it and making accusations is far more helpful for everyone involved.

    Credit will go where it is due. When the Beloved COmmunity begin working in Iraq I guess the credit will come naturally as a result of that. I am eager for this to happen as soon as possible.

    (cut question about her email address -- non relevant)

    As for me, I prefer not to receive credit from the media, from websites or from anyone ... God sees what we do in secret and blesses us accordingly. The joy is in giving, not receiving credit.

    blessings to you

    This message from Donna followed immediately:

    hello again moonbright,

    (cut irrelevant introductory statements)

    In a nutshell: I don't feel that the "Beloved Community" work in Baghdad has officially started yet because I need to have a team of like-minded spiritual people here and I need the work to be in accordance with what it was raised for. At the moment a shelter is being run for the boys - but I am keen for it it be improved and run with the philosophy of the Beloved Community.

    At the moment I could not say it is ready yet for me to introduce that philsophy. So I'm aware that I should not receive B.C funds until I am confident it is ready.

    I hope that will be VERY soon. Inshallah (God Willing!)

    I am expectant that the Beloved Community (both in person and in spirit) will have a very powerful effect in Baghdad - I'm very excited about it and about reporting back to encourage all those who donated...

    blessings from Baghdad

    Lorie's note: I am not including the subsequent correspondence here, but for the record, Moonbright then clarified to Donna Mulhearn that she was not part of The Beloved Community, as it sounded like Donna may have thought this. Moonbright also sent Donna some statements written by James Twyman/The Beloved Community that refer to their establishing the shelter. No further response from Donna.

    Here is what James Twyman announced next:

  • December 29, 2003. James Twyman's list message: "Proceeds from the "Mary Magdalene Experiment will also help us continue funding our new center for children effected by war in Baghdad. That center is already up and running, serving dozens of homeless children everyday."

  • January 5, 2004. James Twyman's list message: "As you know, about a month ago, the Beloved Community was responsible for funding a center for homeless children effected by the war in Iraq. Our friend Donna Muhearn rented a house in Baghdad and has already served dozens of children who would have otherwise been living on the street." "Many of you are contributing to the center, and as always, we are eternally grateful."

    Helen Williams of Our Home Iraq reported:

  • January 3, 2004. Helen Williams' article in Newport Delight: "A few weeks ago we made contact with an NGO call Kurdistan Save The Children. They have received funding for a house for orphans and money for staff." "They are take 12 boys! Over the last week we have had 3 of our boys go to live there."

    Here is what James Twyman announced next:

  • January 16, 2004. James Twyman's list message: "We have just received several pictures from the Beloved Community Children's Center in Baghdad..." We are in the process of planning an extension of our Iraq Children's Project, which we will let you know about very soon. If you think the first phase was great, wait until you hear about the second." "Proceeds from the MARY MAGDALENE EXPERIMENT go to fund Beloved Community projects like the Children's Center..."

    (Lorie's note: Donna Mulhearn sent the same pictures to her Yahoo list almost a month earlier. See below for information directly from Donna Mulhearn about the next phase; she doesn't mention The Beloved Community as a planner or a funding source.)

    Donna Mulhearn included this in her message to her Yahoo list:

  • January 21, 2004. Donna Mulhearn's Yahoo list message: "When the gang came around to threaten us for the third night in a row, we knew we had to do something fast." "We had been negotiating for some time to join forces with an Iraqi group to move the boys into long-term accommodation in a nice house far away from ‘gangland’. The group had the house, we had the boys." "The old house had served its purpose."

    "PPPPS: Can all the fundraiser type people please begin to mobilise? We’ve run out of money and need a whole lot more for our next project. Details on that soon. We have opened a bank account in Baghdad and transfers can be made direct into the account." (Lorie's note: James Twyman did not include this in the copy of this same message that he sent to his own list):

    More announcements from James Twyman:

  • January 22, 2004. James Twyman's list message: "UPDATE ON CHILDREN'S CENTER IN BAGHDAD: PLEASE READ. The Beloved Community, James Twyman's spiritual organization, recently helped establish a center for homeless children in Baghdad. Donna Mulhearn runs the center and periodically sends these very moving updates..."

  • February 13, 2004. James Twyman's list message: "Durango Film Festival March 7 @ 12 Durango, Colorado -- James Twyman Concert, followed by a screening of INDIGO, March 12th Concert will begin at 7p.m. To reserve your place at this event, please call: (970) 247-7657. (Proceeds from this event will go to support the Beloved Community Children's Center in Baghdad, as well as James Twyman's upcoming peace mission to Iraq on March 20th.)"

  • February 13, 2004 (or earlier?). Online poster at Durango Film Festival website: "...James will also be bringing supplies to aid the orphan children from the war who are currently living at the Beloved Community Children's Center in Baghdad." "The Beloved Community (is) sponsoring a center for homeless children in Baghdad,..."

    Donna Mulhearn describes the second phase of the project, which James Twyman referred to on January 16 as The Beloved Community's shelter project extension:

  • February 14, 2004. Donna Mulhearn's Yahoo list message: "Dr Naser is the Director-General of the Ministry for Social Welfare in Iraq. He oversees the well-being of children across the country. Uzma and I had gone to him for advice about the future work of Our Home-Iraq." "We have several new houses for children opening soon," he explained. The situation in terms of accommodation has improved dramatically." "We need to help our children to play...' he said."

    "In partnership with 'Childhood Voices', 'Our Home–Iraq' will open the next children's centre in Baghdad. We will provide the funding, resources, skills training and moral support. They will run the place!"

  • February 16, 2004. Donna Mulhearn's Yahoo list message: "...So the Al-Doura centre will be called the Peace Bird Art School. We hope to open the place within three to four weeks. It will cost approximately $75,000 a year to run. If you would like to join us in this project by fundraising, please read the proposal which I will send tomorrow."

    "Perhaps you belong to a group that would like to do a fundraising appeal? Would your group like to sponsor a room in Peace Bird Art School?" "If everyone pitched in a little, then we could equip the place in no time at all!"

    Articles about James Twyman's Durango concert, a fundraiser for the Beloved Community's children's home:

  • March 11-17, 2004. Article in Durango Telegraph by Amy Maestas: "Friday night, as part of a special Durango Film Festival event, Twyman will entertain and inspire a Durango audience ..." "Those who attend his benefit Peace Concert ...also will provide financial support for sheltering Iraqi children who are homeless because of the battle." "Twyman’s nonprofit foundation, The Beloved Community, grew from his peace promoting." "In addition to the concert, Twyman will visit, for the first time, the Children’s Center in Iraq. Twyman’s Beloved Community funded the center, which opened in December and shelters children who have been left homeless from the war. Beloved Community volunteers staff the rented home. Currently, he says nearly 20 children – ranging in ages from 7 to 12 years old – live in the home, where they receive food and shelter."

  • June 3-9, 2004. Article in Durango Telegraph by Jen Reeder; quote by Van Surksum, friend of James Twyman: "The event raised $3,000 for a children’s home, a school to be named “Peace Bird School” (“peace bird” was chosen over “dove”) once a building can be renovated. Because of the war, a lot of Iraqi children have lost their families, and left with no one to care for them, they sometimes enter gangs, van Surksum says." (Was Ms. Surksum led to believe that the "Peace Bird School" is a home? There is no indication from Donna Mulhearn's reports or other online sources that the Peace Bird Art School is a home, but rather a play-therapy center.)

    Donna Mulhearn's 2004 activities summary report to her email list:

    June 24, 2004. Summary report: "Established an emergency shelter to provide care for 20 street-kids (boys) aged from 9 to 19, who were living on the streets of Baghdad. After two months in the shelter, we moved the boys to a long-term house in a quiet Baghdad suburb."

    Regarding the month of November, 2003: "Opened emergency shelter for 20 street kids in Central Baghdad."

    Regarding the month of January 2004: "Transfer of boys at shelter to long-term accommodation in Al-Wasiriya district of Baghdad in partnership with Kurdistan Save the Children."

    The following online articles convey that Donna Mulhearn's "Our Home/House" refers to a long-term home, still operating in Iraq:

    This conflicts with reports from Donna Mulhearn herself, and others in the group, who reported that they provided temporary shelter to 20 boys, starting late November 2003, most of whom were relocated within two months to a new orphanage established by Kurdistan Save the Children after local gangs presented a serious threat.

    April 11, 2004. Article in The Sydney Morning Herald reported: "Ms Mulhearn helped established a program for street kids to give them an alternative to a life of glue sniffing, violence and crime. The Our Home centre offers the children good food, clean clothes and a warm bed in return for good behaviour."

    Summer 2004. Article in "Australian Catholics" reported: "During her time in Iraq Donna became aware of the suffering experienced by orphaned children..." "One answer to the problem is a shelter. ‘Our House’ is a project co-created by Donna and nine others—most of whom were human shields. Our House is a safe haven for children to be loved and respected equally."

    July 6, 2004. Online media statement from the Australian Labor party reported: "Money raised from the Arabian Nights function will go directly to the Our Home-Iraq safe-house and will pay for rent,heating and food for the 20 children currently sheltered there.

    October 31, 2004. Online article in the "Sunday Mail" section of The Advertiser reported: "AUSTRALIAN aid worker and activist Donna Mulhearn will return to Baghdad next month (Lorie's note: Donna left Iraq in April 2004 after she reported having been kidnapped) despite the danger of being kidnapped. Ms Mulhearn will ignore warnings from the Department of Foreign Affairs and visit the refuge she built for Iraqi boys as well as carrying out charity work."


  • March 1, 2004. BRIEF UPDATE: James Twyman contacted me via email mid-February. On February 20, he said, "I hope you will play fair and report the full story after you've received verification." I agreed to immediately make changes to my web pages and to apologize for any errors upon receipt of credible supporting evidence. I eagerly await this evidence.

  • March 5, 2004. NOTE: Yesterday, I informed James Twyman's/The Beloved Community's attorney that I replaced the link to's general bulletin board with a link to a board dedicated to my own pages, to enhance and encourage the public forum aspect of my pages, and that I encourage James Twyman and others to post whatever they feel would illuminate and reflect the truth.

  • March 11, 2004. UPDATE: On March 9, I received an email from Duane Light, legal counsel for The Beloved Community (TBC), in which he asserts: "As of March 1, 2004, that account (referring to a separate account for donations to the Iraq shelter) had disbursed $10,000 for that project." (Mr. Twyman had previously assured that they will provide me receipts.)

    I conveyed to Mr. Light that this is good news, and I await the promised receipts, but this in no way contests the content and message of this web page, which addresses the question: Did James Twyman establish, fund, and sponsor a "Beloved Community Children's Center" (BCCC) in Iraq, which he continues to indicate to this day as he solicits donations (e.g. Durango Film Festival benefit).

    Contrary to Mr. Twyman's charge today on the bulletin board for this web page (see link above), I have not received any assertion from Donna Mulhearn that her statements to Moonbright on December 25 (see above) were "taken out of context" or "falsely stated" by me. I challenge Mr. Twyman to provide credible evidence for this charge. Ms. Mulhearn is welcome to publicly post her own statement on the bulletin board for this page.

    I recently wrote to Donna Mulhearn asking some very specific questions, as one potential resource for me as I considered (1) Could Mr. Twyman have acted in good faith believing that he was establishing and financing a BCCC, or Our Home-Iraq, as he conveyed to me that he was told that $10,000 would run the shelter for a year? (2) Is James Twyman/TBC being honest with me in their current contentions -- that they attempted to wire $5000 early-on but that the wire was blocked unbeknownst to both parties for several weeks?

    On the first consideration: While Donna Mulhearn's reply expressed exuberance for TBC's contributions and support for the shelter, she did not convey to me that TBC had in fact primarily established and financed the shelter-- yet the claims continued and were not retracted even after TBC realized their early funds were not available to establish and run the shelter for several months.

    On the second consideration: I received two email responses from Donna Mulhearn, the first one indicating that her answers would follow in a second email. I have not posted these responses here because: (1) Mr. Twyman conveyed to me that Donna Mulhearn had shared with TBC our private correspondence, prior to her reply to my questions -- thus her reply lost the kind of credibility provided by an uninvolved, third-party. (2) Her answers to the questions were incomplete and mostly general. (3) I chose the simpler and more direct path of waiting for TBC to provide me with credible evidence for their current contentions. I had invited them to do this (and I gave them some examples).

    Meanwhile, I have yet to receive any indication of exactly which statements that I made or published on this web page are untrue. Yet, TBC has threatened me with a libel lawsuit and harrassed me with wording such as "you are on extremely dangerous ground here" and made false allegations about my representations -- apparently attempting to create a chilling effect on my U.S. Constitutionally guaranteed right to freely express the truth and my opinions regarding a public figure.
    (The 3/11 update was edited for clarity on 3/12 and 3/13; edited 3/31)

  • March 31, 2004. UPDATE FROM LORIE: The Beloved Community (TBC) has now provided me with credible evidence to support their contention that they had attempted to wire a contribution of $5000 to “Our House-Iraq” early-on, in mid-November. After TBC and Donna Mulhearn both realized, by late January, that a mid-November wire was attempted but not received, several subsequent wires were attempted. TBC’s attorney, Duane Light, wrote to me that TBC had successfully disbursed $10,000 from the account by March 1, 2004, and I now feel I have good reason to believe him. I appreciate that Mr. Twyman and The Beloved Community were honest with me about this contention. However, I still see no indication that Donna Mulhearn established a shelter for homeless children in Iraq on behalf of TBC -- no "Beloved Community Children's Center." Further questions remain, like: How much money was actually raised by TBC to feed and house homeless children in Iraq? Watch for updates.

  • May 3, 2004. I informed TBC's attorney and Executive Director, via email, that I would seriously revamp or even remove this web page if they would demonstrate accountability and transparency about their organization, and about the shelter project in particular. I have not seen this nor received a reply to this offer, to date.

  • July 23, 2004. I informed TBC's attorney and Executive Director, via email, that I revised my webpage and have posed some simple questions here.


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  • Click here to subscribe to Donna Mulhearn's Yahoo list and read previous messages about "Our Home-Iraq" from Donna
  • Search database for U.S. registered charities Note: Databases may not be current. IRS recognized tax-exempt organizations are required by law to provide their 501(c)(3) "letter of exemption" upon request. Churches, as generally described by the IRS (e.g. organized as a non-profit, hold regular open religious services at a place of worship, definite/distinct ecclesiastical government, formal code of doctrine, etc.), are automatically tax-exempt and not required to apply for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Search Oregon database for business type and ownership
  • Facts and fallacies of "Corporation Sole" (or "Corporate Sole").
  • What qualifies a church for tax-exemption.


  • "The Vaccine War," produced by Frontline, PBS Broadcasting. [I was honored to be interviewed for this important documentary, as my community (Ashland, Oregon) has an alarmingly low vaccination rate: "It's an outbreak waiting to happen." My proverbial 15 minutes of fame consists of about 1 minute, in the first segment.]
  • INDIGO: THE COLOR OF MONEY (Lorie's first commentary on James Twyman.)
  • "EYES OPEN-WALLET SHUT," Letter of concern to Daily Tidings about Ilchi Lee, 12/8/04.
  • Hellinger's Family Constellations
  • Applied/Special Kinesiology; Applied Neurogenics
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Exploding Toastmaster Toaster Oven
  • "Methods to Block Racism," Letter to Editor, Ashland Daily Tidings, November 14, 2006.
  • "A Cheerleader's UNbelievable Flu Vaccine Reaction" - Applying Critical Analysis column. December, 2009.
  • "Transmit the Facts to Radiate Calm," - Applying Critical Analysis column. September, 2010.
  • "My Response about the Gardasil Vaccine for HPV," Applying Critical Analysis column. November, 2010.

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