BusinessWeek Four Discussion
A Flowchart by AWatson1
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Explain food prep and delivery process

Customer enters fast food restaurant
Customer is greeted by front counter cashier to take the customer's order and payment
Cashier enters customer's order through computer which transfers the order to screens in food prep area
Are there special requests for items ordered which changes the prep process?
If no prep changes required, front line bagger will pull the already prepared food items ordered and bag them for the customer


Worker in food prep area will look at customer's special order and assemble items according to the request
Customer number or name will be called, and front line bagger will deliver food ordered to customer

The food will be prepared and passed up the line to the last step where the item is wrapped and placed on shelf for front line bagger

Front line bagger will place items ordered in bag for customer

Customer number or name will be called and front line worker will deliver order to customer