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Did you know there are over ___ mainstream methods of recovery from addiction? The Recovery Method Selector can help point you in the right direction. Addiction is complex and the Recovery Selector is offered solely as an educational tool. In addition to providing free, science-based, self-empowering addiction recovery mutual aid groups, SMART Recovery advocates for choice in recovery. All individuals seeking recovery support or treatment should be informed of the full range of options available, and be free to choose among them.

I have lost control of my lfie. I cannot stop no matter how hard I try. I am powerless to quit.
I am open to Medical means. I like science and stuff like that.
Spirituality is critical to recovery. Spirituality is an important part of any recovery plan. Spirituality may or may not be relevant to my recovery plan. It is just one factor. Spirituality is irrelevant.
I like structure-having a pre-made plan. I like to make my own plan with guidance and support I don't need support and/or I already have my own plan.


I have a drinking problem, and want to quit. I believe I can stop with the right support and resources.
Lifering SOS CBT
Addiction is a spiritual issue and comes from defects of charactor. Addiction is a behavioral problem.
Relapse: I failed-start over at zero. or possible/inevitable part of recovery. I can bank days.
Addiction is: a disease-character defect. Habits coping mechanisim.


I may have a drinking problem-I'm not sure yet. I enjoy drinking and don't really want to quit.
I believe I can learn to drink moderately and appropriately.
Irrespective of future drinking, I can completely stop drinking for 30 days.
Moderation Management. HAMS/Harm Reduction Network

I used to smoke or "chew" smokeless tobacco but quit.
want to learn how to build motivation, control craving, resolve their underlying problems, and move on with creating meaningful and purposeful lives.
SMART is good for people who take lots of responsibility for their lives — those who feel they’re in control of events rather than the other way around.”
[SOS] advocates taking responsibility for problem drinking and handling it as a separate issue, distinct from any religious or spiritual beliefs.

I am a Scientology or am interested in Scientology.

Spirituality and/or religion is very important to me.
I like the idea of a bible based recovery.
I don't like groups or other people. I would like to work on my own issues alone.

I like the idea of group support and attending groups. NO: Sobriety method.
It is important that support groups be readily available-all times of day night locations. I am ok with limited support-once daily meetings or online. I don't need meetings-I am fine on my own.
I like in-person groups or ok with phone/electronic I would prefer support groups of the same sex (all men or all women, Gay friendly etc) AA, Women for Sobriety.
Daily support or more than once daily or periodic (e.g., weekly) support group?