BooksThe Cold Sassy Tree Chapters 1-2
A Flowchart by Haylee
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Chapter 1 starts out with Will Tweedy recalling the summer of 1906, living in Cold Sassy when he was 14.

The story begins on July 5th, 1906, directly after the first 4th of July party since the Civil War. Rucker Blakeslee stops by Will's house for some Whiskey because would let him have any in the house.

Mattie Lou, Rucker's wife died 3 weeks earlier but he still goes to Will's house for the whiskey because it's what he has always done.

Rucker asks Will to find his Aunt, Loma and his Mother, Mary Willis. Will has to run to tell them that their father has arrived because they do not own a phone, just like many of the people in the town of Cold Sassy.

Will's family does not own a phone, indoor plumbing, and electricity because they can not afford it. Rucker does not own them either but its not because he cannot afford them, he just choses not to buy them.

Rucker tells them that he and his now dead wife have had a nice 36 years together, but he has now decided to marry Miss Love Simpson, who works in his store. Every one is shocked because his wife has been dead 3 weeks and he has already moved on.

In chapter 2, Rucker leaves for the store and every one is furious and is saying how miss Love is young enough to be his daughter and they consider her a "Yankee". Mary and Loma also worry about the town judging Rucker.