ComputerFingerprint Madness App
A Flowchart by RoboticG8Rs
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This is the flow for our idea for an iOS or Android App.

Press icon on phone to start the app.
Teach Mode
Text (with option to read aloud) and pictures to teach you how to identify arches, loops, and whorls along with all their sub-types.
Teaching of ridge characteristics, like creases, crossovers, bridges, hooks, eyes, enclosures, and bifurcations.
Ten-question quiz with a goal of 80% or higher.

Explore Mode (only unlocked if teach mode score has been achieved)
Scan one of your fingerprints into the app.
A random object (glass, table, cabinet, handle, or fridge magnet) is shown.
Use virtual graphite and feather brush to expose the print.
Lift the print off with virtual tape.

The app tells you if you made the right choices.
You have the option to make your educated guess about what type of fingerprint it is and some characteristics.
Magnify the print.
Place the tape on a virtual fingerprint card.